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  • DryvBy - I honestly didn't think it would work.

    I have had pretty bad acne since I was 14 (Im now 20). I never thought I would even make it just a little better. I tried this stuff and after 2 or 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference. I have acne, acne scars and huge pores that are really visible. This stuff made all 3 of those things go away. My skin is starting to look smooth instead of like it has holes.

  • Alex Fagan - BF at its best

    I've been playing BF games since 1942. This is the one ive been waiting on for the past 15 years. This era is perfect for the BF style of play and the attention to detail that dice has paid is phenomenal. Map design is varied and interesting and the visuals are gorgeous. Sitting in the dense fog and listening to the eerie horn of the dreadnought will give you chills. They've also perfectly captured the chaos of WWI. The explosions, screaming, and general bedlam in a firefight is insane. Yet for all that's going on it still runs butter smooth. There are a few minor glitches present currently, such as sometimes not being able to fire your weapon after being revived but I know dice will take care of them shortly. There isn't anything that should be stopping you from diving in to this game immediately!

  • sdsunny - Holy crap this actually works

    Holy crap this actually works! I did need to do it again 5 months later but it has held up since. Much better than hauling out the old jacuzzi and having to buy another. Our leak is underneath the case so we can't get to it to repair.

  • Pat F - Large screen viewing for Computer Videos

    I have been watching various videos on line for years, especially Prime videos. It so nice to now watch and hear them on a larger screen. Set up was super easy. I turned off my tv, plugged one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI2 TV slot and one into the HDMI slot on my laptop. Turned the TV on and used the channel tuner to change it to HDMI2. (HDMI1 was in use by my Blue Ray play. You should be able to use any HDMI slot, just because you select that one on your turner. )

  • Thanks a ton for the info on DRM! - Thanks a ton for the info on DRM!

    Incredible... I was pestering my dad to buy me this game, and then when I saw all these reviews, EA is one of the worst companies on the face of the planet! I can tell that Spore is a great game, but what's so great about it when you can only install it three times. Please... Their plot to prevent piracy backfired and now people are trying even harder to get it pirated and hacked to make themselves heroes to to those evil video game downloaders. Now that I see it, I should focus my attention in getting some other computer game or wait until EA gets smart and removes the DRM that's causing so many problems. I'm glad that all these reviewers were kind enough to give their opinion and helped me not waste 50 bucks before it's too late.

  • Vimala Iyer - Do Not Use

    Terrible product - what a step back for Acronis since their early versions. They have added complex features which can mess up the system - in my case the MBR (mater boot record) must have got corrupted and system would not boot up smoothly. Also the external boot drive (USB or CD/DVD) simply does not work. This is a key feature needed if the HDD crashes or becomes corrupted. Strongly recommend to stay away from this version - would have given a 0 star if possible.