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  • Gizmo - Money Users, Don't Do It!!

    OK, I've been an MS Money user for years now, and I've gotten used to the little quirks and agonizing slow downs, but when I learned Microsoft decided Money was not profitable enough and dumped the product, I thought I might go to Quicken to make sure I got support and upgrades, etc., And Quicken did advertise that importing Money files was "no problem" so I took the plunge. It was the software equivalent of driving off a cliff. Quicken does a TERRIBLE job of importing Money files; giving you a laundry list of items it didn't import, another list of things it changed "slightly" and then presented me with the sloppiest interface I've ever seen! I am amazed that this is the leading financial software. Consumers will settle for anything these days, I guess. I could go on about the nightmare that was an upgrade to Quicken, but let me just say two things, If you are an experienced Money user, DO NOT buy a Quicken product! And DO NOT buy a downloaded software product from Amazon! They are non-returnable! Period! Even if the Software is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • Javier Ruiz - Good bag. But it could be better

    I really wanted to love this bag. I have been looking for a bag that fits my needs for a long time. It has to be medium-sized, be wide enough that you can carry more than just a small laptop and an iPad or Kindle inside it, and have TONS of pockets. It also has to be good-looking, sturdy, durable, and easy to use as my daily work bag. It also has to be waterproof on the outside, and easy to clean. Sadly,this one did not quite live up to my expectations.

  • Kathy D. - Great Purchase

    Good product with tons of information...makes the SAT seem less intimidating. I think we made the right purchase out of many options.

  • Found Highways - Essays to Savor One at a Time

    Best of this series in several years. Hits a range of essay types, such as a brainy entry from Isaiah Berlin, a humorous piece from David Sedaris, a bit of history from Malcolm Gladwell, a couple of articles about aging, one about a dude and the cat that adopted him, Zadie Smith on the view from her Manhattan apartment. You won't click with every entry, but there are enough winners here to make it well worth your while.

  • Kahlil - I love this pest repeller that I received at a discounted ...

    I love this pest repeller that I received at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion. I have noticed a big difference in the number of spiders compared to summers past. I love not hearing my girls screaming because "there's a spider". I don't like having them in my house either and this has been amazing at keeping the spider vs human population of the house much more manageable. I hope this wonderful repeller continues to work for many years to come.