Lung Institute | Stem Cell Therapy For Lung Disease - The Lung Institute is an innovative leader of regenerative medicine for lung disease. Contact them today at (800) 970-1135.

  • Lung Institute | About the Lung Institute | FL, AZ, TN, PA & TX - The Lung Institute is a leading global provider of regenerative medicine technologies to treat lung conditions. Call (800) 970-1135 to learn more.
  • Lung Institute | Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Diseases - The Lung Institute provides stem cell therapy for debilitating lung diseases. Read on or call (800) 970-1135 for more info on stem cell therapy.
  • Lung Institute | Stem Cell Treatment for COPD & Emphysema - Each patient's stem cell treatment is tailored to their specific condition. Read more about how to qualify or contact us by calling (800) 970-1135.
  • Lung Institute | Clinic Locations | FL, AZ, TN, PA, & TX - The Lung Institute has several locations throughout the US. Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Texas. Call (800) 970-1135 for more information.
  • Lung Institute | Resources for Stem Cell Therapy - We are dedicated to making your journey through the stem cell therapy process as easy as possible. We have compiled some helpful resources for you.
  • Events for November 2016 | Lung Institute | Seminar Events | FL, AZ, TN, PA, & TX - The Lung Institute is hosting a stem cell therapy seminar that will show how this treatment option can help you breathe easier. Contact Us Today!
  • Lung Institute | Tampa, FL | Nashville, TN | Scottsdale, AZ - Contact the Lung Institute for more information about stem cell treatment for lung diseases. The Lung Institute can be reached at (800) 970-1135.
  • Lung Institute | Stem Cell Treatment Basics - Stem cells are the body's natural healing system, and can be used to treat lung disease. Call us today at (800) 970-1135 to learn more.
  • Lung Institute | Oxygen and You - Oxygen is essential to a properly functioning body. However, for people with chronic lung diseases, having enough blood oxygen can be challenging.
  • Lung Institute | Stem Cell Research Study for Lung Disease - View the latest results for the Lung Institute's stem cell therapy research study for lung disease. Read the article or call (800) 970-1135.

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