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  • Cheap and Cheerful - Vivo per Leis facial peel is much cheaper

    I bought oro gold facial peel at the mall until I googled the active ingredient and found out that amazon is selling a very similar product sold as "Vivo Per Lei Facial Peel" for $8! Once I found that I started buying multiples because I love what the product (essentially a chemical exfoliant) does for my skin but just hate the price.

  • Amazon Customer (April Renn/AprilR ) - Brilliantly written Scottish Historical Romance! A must read!

    THE FEARLESS HIGHLANDER by Amy Jarecki is another brilliantly and masterfully written Scottish Historical Romance. #1 in the new and highly anticipated "Highland Defender" series, set in 1692 Scoland. I must say, simply Holy Highlanders!

  • Beth - Not for people who color their hair.

    I got this as a gift and since I color my hair it is NOT a good product. The bottle says it is color safe but it stripped a lot of color out with the first shampoo. Got worse with the next several shampoos and then I stopped using it. It was a lot of money to just sit in the cabinet. I did not notice other people who color their hair leaving a review. It is a shame because I would like to use natural products.

  • Giggles - Clean

    Really balances everything out in my area and truly makes me comfortable to be sexy and flirty around my husband all times of the day. I just wish it didn't cost so much, but I suppose it's worth the comfortable feeling I have everyday.

  • dleonard - Lightweight and perfect

    I received this bag as a Christmas gift and it far exceeded my expectations. I had never seen it in person, but the bag was very light and had more pockets than I know what to do with. The stand system functionality is hidden within the bag and took me a minute to figure out, but it seems like it works very well. Overall the quality is great and I know I'll have this bag around for a long time.

  • Maryanne Welch - Does Not Help with Stretch Marks

    This lotion claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and this is not true. It smells great and moisturizes well but it DOES NOT reduce stretch marks. I recently had my first child and have been using this product since my third trimester when stretch marks began to form and have not seen any change in the stretch marks while using this.