Decompression chamber / Hyperbaric chamber for divers with the bends / decompression illness, London Recompression & Hyperbaric facilities - The London Diving Chamber - London Diving Chamber is a hyperbaric chamber providing NHS funded emergency recompression for divers with the bends / decompression illness / decompression sickness.The dive chamber is based in St John's Wood, London, UK providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for patients.The London Diving Chamber is a member of UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society). Other services provided by London Diving Chamber:Dive Medicals, Diving Medicine advice, Dry Diving, Diver medic training, dive events & scuba diving forum

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  • granny - Fantastic!!

    In the middle of the night the pain in my hands woke me up. I reached down in bed and put my hands on the top of my earthing half sheet and within a very short period of time the pain was gone.

  • DieselPhotography - 5 stars...This this works big time

    This product work first use...I can't explain the magnitude of my satisfaction. For the last 2 years I started having bad breath to the point my wife complained just about everyday...I would brush an it really didn't's embarrassing to have this problem...I went to class one night and a girl next to me must have smelled a whiff an whispered to the girl next to her an she was laughing...I couldn't talk to ppl too close...I felt so bad an my confidence was gone...I'm a handsome man, but with this problem it doesn't matter...I was skeptical in buying this product but finally I did after reading the great the first use my mouth felt a freshness I didn't think was possible...If any person has a breath issue I am being very honest in saying you need to get this product's also sold in Walgreens, CVS, Taret, Rite Aid...This Therabreath thing works...for any review less than 5 stars clearly these ppl must have issues that can't be disrespect guy.

  • Karyn Mitchell - Gave an outline as to what to expect - indexing ...

    Gave an outline as to what to expect - indexing could be a bit easier but does not detract from the content - Great

  • Shokes - Couldn't stomach it

    This product definitely works. I lost six pounds in two days and could see my stomach flatten out almost immediately. I did the 3xday shake plan for the three days suggested with the hope that I would continue on to 2xday shake plan with a meal. I tried my best but I just couldn't stomach this shake. I tried everything to make it taste good. My best combo was 10 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk with coconut extract and cinnamon. I tried flaxseed but it was too bitter for my taste. I never looked forward to "meal" time and the smell made me nauseous. I did fairly well until the third day. It was late afternoon and I started to feel weak and just not right. I grabbed a small snack and felt better. I proceeded to drink my last shake of the day. Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling completely off. I was jittery and hungry. I went in the kitchen and grabbed a snack and immediately felt much better.

  • Scott L - Someone, anyone, save us from Intuit...

    Can some VC in the bay area seriously re-group the Intuit development team from the mid 90's and develop a competing product from scratch? If v1.0 even showed a little promise they would not have to spend a dime on marketing. Word of mouth would be insane.