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Bienvenidos a RH Los Cabos - Asociación de RH de Los Cabos - Pagina oficial de la Asociación de Recursos Humanos de Los Cabos, México

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  • Q-Mic Accessories - Skip the infomercials. Curcumin works.

    Look for Curcumin products, there are many, you can try, i have back issues and curcumin has helped me immensely.. get glucosimine /chondroitin anywhere and have your own version of a miracle drug. i've used several different versions of curcumin, terry natually and doctors best, but read them and pick one.. i am not endorsing any vendors, just curcumin.

  • fiction author D. O. Allen - I've read better....

    Most of the stories are "circle of life" without a lot of substance. Each is well written and read as essays.

  • Dennis Cairns - The Proper Elixir!

    The story exhibits just the right blend of humor, insightfulness, and depth within a compelling, imaginative story line. I can’t wait to read more!

  • Carmen - Good deal for the price.

    These knives are sharp for the most part but the large butcher seems to be weak compared to others I have owned. Maybe it just wasn't sharpened properly. I have not used the butcher since the first time I tried it. I have ordered a sharpener and will see if that helps any. The rest of the knives cut beautifully and for that I will give it 4 stars.

  • Hartford Finnegan - Said it would take a week and a half to ...

    Said it would take a week and a half to ship and got it in 2 days. Worked exactly as it was supposed to. Used it to fix a hail damaged camper roof.

  • B. Spader - Works Okay

    I tried putting this on my ATV snow plow but it didn't really work much at all. I followed the recommendation to put 4 coats of each bottle and it just ended up being a waste of $20 because it rubbed right off the plow. Apparently you can't put this stuff on anything that is touched by something other than just rain or light water. Snow rubbed it right off.