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  • Dirigeant de gauche Aubrey Mme prévu démission automne | liyaoyao - 29 mai Aubrey sa femme depuis la direction du Parti socialiste de gauche depuis 2008, a déclaré: "Lorsque toutes les conditions sont... - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • Donald Williams - Freedompop, a deceptive money pit.

    Freedompop has a great product, however, their billing practices are extremely deceptive. If I sign up for a plan at $17 per month, and then get charged $60 over a three day period with no explaination, I feel I've been ripped off. They claim I was charged fees (deposit, and first time use fee) that were never mentioned in their promotion. I cancelled, immediately to cut my losses. I refund in out of the question. Don't trust these folks.

  • Kayla - great

    I recieved my phone a couple of weeks ago...its nice for the price $99..the only thing thats annoying is how it keeps asking to hook up to wifi or something the box always pops up...but thats it other then that I like it!!!!

  • cyndisand - GREAT FOR THE PRICE

    I love this, It was just was I was looking for. Great quality for the price. Would defiantly recommend this to anyone.

  • Andrew J. Whitman - This is a great mouse, they just need to get it to ...

    This is a great mouse, they just need to get it to the DPI that they say it is at. it is a bit slower than 400 DPI which is forgivable since it pretty close. There is absolutly no predicition, no snapping, no s*** that throws off your aim. I also love the response from this mouse, everything feels a lot faster.

  • Will A. - Longer Lashes

    I am actually pretty impressed with this serum. I don't remember to use it daily like I should and still see a difference. My lashes are pretty fair so it isn't until I apply mascara that I really notice it. I did notice they were a bit thicker, but what I really notice is the length. Almost looks like I'm wearing falsies. I apply it to my lower lash line as well and gained length thier too! It's easy to apply and goes on smooth. Be careful not to get into your eyes though, because it does sting a bit. I'm loving it so far and will likely purchase again!