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  • buckspy - Quite a bit of noise

    This was for our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the extra large sun roof. The noise these created, caused me to remove them. I tried adjusting them to hopefully reduce the noise, however I didn't have any luck. The function of these worked perfectly, used with a Yakima Skybox 21 traveling across the country. The noise may be more noticeable due to the sunny room, however will not be able to confirm until we order a replacement.

  • Sarah from NY - Best Invention EVER!

    This has been a GODSEND! My son really stays in be when it's red! And knows it's time to get out of bed when it's green! It's a gift to Mommy because now I know exactly how much time I have to get things done before he comes out! My three-year old is very excited about the traffic light design! Kudos to whoever came up with this genius invention! (must have been a MOM!)

  • Peter C. Stockman - Instability in the NeatWorks Software Impairs Ease of Use

    The scanner device is high quality and well designed from both a functional and industrial design standpoint. Scanning can be initiated from the software interface or, directly, from one of two buttons on the scanner itself. The only issue I have encountered with the scanner is that it has a difficult time recognizing cab receipts printed from a meter are in sitting the "receipt" hopper ready to be scanned.

  • Rocky C. - A Needed Prophetic Voice

    I read the book "They Fired the First Shot 2012" and was appreciative of the directness of how the problems of the country (and the world) were defined along with the root causes. The book rightfully shows that it has moral roots that have almost pushed the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States aside to enable entrance of a new and very decadent way of life. The new way is foreign to the very clear Judeo-Christian foundation of the country, but is being eagerly sought after by a very poorly educated population that thinks it is very well educated. There is a prophetic thread throughout the book that defines the problems and puts forth the method of a solution. The readers who need this book the most are those that believe that the country is on the right path now, and that economic and political times are going to get better. The book suggests how one should look at both the history and the signs of the times to arrive at an objective view of where things are. It certainly does not look at things through rose colored glasses. It paints a very real picture of where we are and where we are headed...and that is for a fall, a very deep fall. There is a clear religious base to this book and Catholic at that, but if the reader can navigate through the book keeping the whole Church-State dynamic to the side, there is a relevant message there for everyone.

  • Farley Reeves - It has challenged me...

    I am 45 years old and really out of shape. I find myself thinking I'm 50lbs overweight and I doubt the cast was ever there. However, I have completed 4 weeks and I have lost 11 pounds and several inches. I am still struggling to do it like the pros but I have improved significantly. Also the first day I was a clock watcher. After 1 minute and 13 seconds I was ready to quit. Now I am making it about 20 minutes before that though comes to mind. Also, my recovery time has become minimal. One of the best things for me is that I typically do not feel the lasting pains after a workout like I have on other programs. Its tough on a big boy but I do believe it is beneficial.