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  • Amazon Customer - Harry Potter cookbook

    This cookbook is amazing. The recipes in here so delicious. Well that ones that I eat are. I would recommend this book for ant dinner party

  • sad dad - Scanner and Software may not work!

    When I saw the Neat Ads on TV, I thought that this scanner, although quite expensive, could solve a very big problem for me. My family and I have thousands of financial documents (no we're not rich but still have thousands of statements that we must keep) in many binders. If this scanner and software could do the job, I was willing to spend the hours necessary to convert then all to digital images. However, to work, I decided that I needed to place all these images on a USB external hard drive. I read the reviews here and was somewhat uncertain. There are a lot of negative comments and several negative YouTube videos. However, upon further review I noticed that the later reviews, especially those regarding the newer MAC software, were more positive. So, I called Neat. I asked the sales people if their products would work with a UBS external hard drive and I was told, "yes." Based on that answer, I ordered the neat products for my MAC and ordered my external hard drive. When all was in place I tested the products. I could not get the Neat scanner (not the Receipt Scanner but the desk top) to work with the external hard drive. I called Neat technical support and was told the scanner will not work with an external drive or a USB stick. I said I wanted a return label. While waiting in the call queue for more than 20 minutes, I tried using the external drive again. I finally got it to work by closing the software, turning off the scanner, launching the software again, and turning on the scanner again (the software and scanner are VERY particular with the order that things must be activated). I wrote to Jim Foster, Neat's CEO and explained my problem and asked for written confirmation about the scanner's capabilities with an external hard drive. I just received an email (after more than a week) from a Vice President of Customer Experience. The email said that they understand I am not happy with their product and they give me a refund. This is a Vice President who didn't really read my letter and doesn't know that I'm still with the 30-day free trial???? I'm certainly not sure I can do business with this company!!!

  • Robert F Thomas - Good power

    Have used for a week to power 1/2 of the circuits in my house when power went out in the area due to severe storm with wind, water, snow and ice damage. Handled furnace, refrigerator, coffeemaker, aquarium, TV, internet, computer, and most of the lights in the house. Ran at least 8 hours per tank.

  • SharGr - I thought Otter was more sturdy. Great color though

    Definitely a lot cheaper than I thought it would be!! I thought Otter was more sturdy. Great color though.

  • Lee Burke - Worst brand of boiler ever

    Do not buy this boiler, cheap parts, cheaply made and two months down the line when you have to come to repair it, they make it simply impossible. Will never buy from the make again.