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  • joe520 - Good software, slimy way for Intuit to get more money and hide the cost

    "Enhanced Payroll...Easily Pay Employees" is written in bold on the front of the package but only in the fine print on the back of the package does it say you have to pay extra for more than three employees....and then it doesn't say how much you have to pay until you've already invested some time in the product.

  • Sean - I only gave it 3 stars because, the only ...

    I only gave it 3 stars because, the only thing the gold edition give you over the regular edition is a 3 month subscription to the extra 150 songs in an effort to get you to sign up for their monthly service. Save your money and buy the regular version.

  • BillyM - Fantastic!

    I used this product for a while and it seemed to work well. I then tried a few other "alcohol free" store brand products to try and save money. While I was busy trying other brands I noticed that those disgusting tonsil stones (white balls in the back of your throat) started coming back. Within a few days of switching back to this product, the tonsil stones were gone and have stayed away. I would not hesitate one bit in recommending this product.

  • Rick - This game is a scam.....

    Once they let you win a little they quickly suck down your coins to make you buy them. This would be more fun to just pay up front...Scammers are what the designers of this game are....

  • Brian D Westfall - Pay for ever

    I have been using photoshop for years. The original price was steep but since older versions work fine for my needs, I have no reason to upgrade. I have only done so a couple of times over the past decade. Well, Adobe just assured that I will never upgrade again because they want to charge you forever. Great deal for them, not for the customer.

  • Helen C. Chapman - Kills the fleas, not the cat

    Last year, we fought with fleas. We bombed the house, pulled out furniture, did everything but skin the cats. We tried everything, from the top spot poisons, which made the cats sick, to spraying the house and yard, which made the people sick. The only thing that seemed to do any good at all was Diatamaceous Earth, which we put in the grass, the carpets, the furniture, and yes, on the cats. But it still didn't keep them from bringing in the occasional flea.The vet recommended the Seresto collars. I asked how much. $80! If I had one cat, it would have been okay. But for five of them, it was a bit rich for my blood. The tech took me aside and told me to check Amazon.

  • Camila Adriana Hecimovich - Awesome backpack

    Just the way I wanted it. Lots of space and lots of pockets it even has pocket to have your iPod and take out your headphones so you won't have to carry it in your hands. I looove the color! I had the purple one with light blue and pink purple flowers and it's so pretty! The fabric is also very good it's worth how much you pay for it. Really really good backpack!