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  • Yunarky Hernandez - Vicks who????

    Ever since I tried this I will never try another Vicks product! This has such a great scent and works so well. Highly recommend any parents with sick babies. This really does its magic at night for my son and daughter when they are sick.

  • R. Meyers - Great beginner or no-frills machine

    As a beginner (73ys old and one bad eye) I found this Singer 4411 to be easy to thread and use. Frankly I wanted an inexpensive machine capable of sewing heavy materials and not pink in color or have daffodils painted on. The instruction booklet was easy to follow and had good illustrations for setting up the machine. It seems well-made.

  • MD,PhD,MOM - Product okay, but "science" garbage

    A friend of mine asked me to try this, since she is thinking about selling it. I am a professor who used to do dermatology research and a women approaching 40, so she wanted my opinion on this product. First of all, I reviewed the "science", which is complete garbage. There is not one actual scientific article published on this product, or on the miracle component. Also, their scientific advisor is a fraud without a single legitimate publication! I spoke to a friend who is a well known physician and cancer researcher at MD Anderson who said that Robert Newman has no actual affiliation with the hospital.