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  • Nikki - Love it!

    Wonderful oil diffuser, can easily smell the oil with only a couple of drops. I highly recommend this diffuser. This by far is my favorite diffuser.

  • Georgia Peeples - functional and stylish cool new product

    This Mountain Buggy Mini stroller is absolutely great for getting around town and/or parks. It's light weight (about 17 pounds) and perfectly balanced 3 wheels make for easy maneuvering over curbs, down paths and just about anywhere you need to go. On top of being so durable, it comes in pretty much any color your child prefers. Very cool!

  • OC-Adam - Works well, I wish it came in different finishes

    Looks ok ... Wish it was available in satin nickel finish. Sticks up out of the drain a little less than an inch. Works well, hair is collected out of sight around the inside piece. Easy to remove device from drain, easy to clean, and replace. Looks like this is made from quality silicone material, should last for years.

  • Codds - Guys, it's awesome

    Sulfate and paraben free - it sells itself. No idea what it does functionally other than get "road grime" off my face and chest from running and riding but I really like it. My spa people do not like that it is "grainy" - too bad, I like it.