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Levamisole HCl (Ergamisol, Dicaris): buy online 50 mg tablets - Order cheap Dicaris, Ergamisol (Levamisole) from $0.49 per anthelmintic pill to treat parasitic worm infections and in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

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  • Mrs.58 - Best Glue Ever!

    The arm on my prescription glasses suddenly popped off. The glasses were expensive and I wasn't about to order a new pair. After trying a familiar glue used by kids which didn't work, I ordered Gorilla glue. It took overnight to lock the arm back in place, but it remains solid and in place. Great product.

  • Jennifer - Have to restart daily

    I've had many different routers/extenders and I like the concept of this one. I was hoping to put five stars, and when it's working it deserves five, however, I have to restart the router on a daily basis. That's just not acceptable to me, especially when I'm in the middle of something important and suddenly lose connection.

  • Trend - It breaks me out

    I have to give this product at least 3 stars. I loved that it was powder form, and it does look very natural. Although, the minerals are in powder form, this makeup is definitely not like your typical powder. It absorbs into the skin and looks very natural. This makeup doesn't sweat off or "drip into your collar when the weather is hot and humid. The color selections are great and the makeup really does look very natural. The problem: It broke me out, I am allergic to the minerals. This makeup doesn't have a bunch of fillers in it. This is simply powdered minerals. My skin was clear before I started using it. After about one week of using this product, I broke out, my skin really broke out. I didn't want to believe it was the makeup, because, it was perfect in every other way. I stopped using the product and my skin cleared up. I tried it again, and I broke out again. I do not usually have sensitive skin. I can use liquid makeup that cost $2.99 at the drug store. My skin stays clear even if I don't always wash my face before bed. Basically, this makeup is excellent, BUT not for everyone. It's a excellent product if your skin is not sensitive to the minerals. One more thing, if you purchase the foundation, you need to purchase the application brush as well. The brush is essential in applying this product.

  • Erika Anderson - I LOVE this stuff

    I LOVE this stuff. I've tried (and failed miserably) to travel with coconut oil. This makes is so easy and convenient. No spills, no mess. It's fantastic.

  • Richy P. - BUY THIS ONE - This thing is amazing!

    I have had and used a wide variety of consumer routers throughout my life. This is hands down the best and easiest solution available for anyone who presently deals with dead spots in their network and doesn't have he ability to run dedicated cable between access points - period. Further, it probably is the best solution even if you can. This system easily outperforms any of the competitors out there as of 10/01/2016 in my setting and probably will work just as well for you too.