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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Peter - Great bike for the money. No regrets! See tips on assembly and saddle replacement.

    Bottom line: this is a good bike for the money. The components, excluding the saddle, are pretty high quality and won't fall apart on you. I'd highly recommend this bike to someone looking to start getting serious about cycling who is also maybe a daily commuter.

  • Aline - Made my 11-month old dog very ill

    We just got our 11-month old shepherd a month ago and even though we haven't found any fleas or ticks yet, we wanted to take preventative measures because we plan on taking him hiking with us. Two days after I put the collar on him he started coughing and vomiting, but it only lasted through the morning so I thought maybe he swallowed part of a toy. He has now been wearing the collar for a week and I know it wasn't something in his stomach making him sick, it was Seresto. Since he is only 11 months he is still full of puppy energy and is always very excited until this week. He is lethargic and sometimes doesn't even have the energy to go all the way up to our 3rd floor apartment. He has barely eaten anything in days, and what he has managed to eat comes out in an extremely loose stool. After reading reviews reporting similar side effects, I figured it must be Seresto making him ill, as nothing else has changed In his diet or lifestyle. I am taking the collar off now and will post an update to help others avoid a similar, and very scary situation.

  • Xavier - Very disappointed.

    The frame is banned and tilted on the frame's front face and also uneven between the two legs. Very disappointed.