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Kubang Pasu Psoriasis Diet | Perfect way to clean and treat your psoriasis plaques - I have guttate psoriasis and the very worst flare I ever had was after I know that in general, most people do really well with pro-biotic foods, and I don't want to but you might try a vitamin D supplement and see if that helps.

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  • Sophs - Material is too rough

    I was so excited when Clek announced this new model- it's slightly cheaper and 10lbs lighter than the Foonf. I love Tokidoki, so it was a no brainier that I would get a Clek in this print.

  • Dawn - Happy mom

    This formula was recommended by our pediatrician because our baby was very colic and born with an underdeveloped digestive system. Our baby started sleeping through the night at 2 months of age after we started her on Alimentum!

  • A. Smith - What a waste of time this was.

    I bought this mop thinking that it would be a cleaner alternative to the sponge mop that I typically use. What a mistake that was. The wringing is about the only thing that works. Otherwise, when I try to mop all I get is the center piece of the mop head scraping against the floor. The surface area of the mop that actually scrubs the floor is greatly reduced and the pressure is uneven because all of the pressure is at the center of the mop which is, at this point, scraping my floors as I mentioned earlier. The one thing this mop was good for was reaching spaces that the sponge mop was too wide to get into. Otherwise it was a waste of time and money. So I went back to my previous Libman mop which worked ok.

  • Gary Counsil - It does not install

    I tried unsuccessfully to install the game. The process gets to signing the contract and the download from Steam the process ends, no error message or anything but a blank screen. I have left requests for ideas on tech support sites but I am still stuck.

  • zombilex - Bought for a Class, Ended Up Liking for Personal Reading

    This was a required text for a college general education science course, which I was not looking forward to as a non-STEM major. This book was surprisingly good, though! I actually enjoyed reading the articles, which were not too complicated for a lay person, and were very interesting!

  • Main Man - Craps game a bit slow in....

    In the Craps game, your software is slow or difficult to place an ODDS bet backing up one's Pass line bet. In other words, when I start the game with a pass line bet and then make an odds bet backing up my original pass line bet, it's difficult making the the odds bet.....it appears the software has a hard time accepting the odds bet.

  • wheent - Great for the grandchildren!!!

    Bought 2 for the grandson's. Both trucks work great and the grandson's age 3 and 4 love it. They do not leave the house without taking the trucks with them.. Time to start collecting all..