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  • Jeff Seaton - GARBAGE

    GARBAGE - totally a rip-off. You would do better on the internet on your own with your browser. Just a ploy to get your credit card and pay for a bunch of different locations to stream various TV shows - each at a cost.

  • charissa francisco - Anyone who knows how to convert the celcius to fahrenheit ...

    Anyone who knows how to convert the celcius to fahrenheit? My daughter played with it and i lost the instruction manual.

  • Angel - Works Well For Me

    I wore acrylic nails for years, and finally was able to break free from them, saving my nails, and thousands of dollars. I was very skeptical about gel because it took me about 3 years to get my natural nails healthy and didn't want to do anything to damage them. After trying the gel I was hooked. Over two weeks without so much as a chip! This was better better than my usual 3 times a week polish change!! But then I realized that I was going right back into the nail financial burden that I was stuck in for so long. I was happy to see this kit on Amazon for $35. I thought for #35 even if it sucks I'm not out that much money. Well, it doesn't suck, it works well, the color looks as advertised, and I'm happy with my purchase. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the size of the light, but even that isn't a huge deal to me.

  • Imagebear - Had great expectations but....

    Would not install on my Windows 7 laptop: "Autorun.hta is not a valid Win32 application" error. Online support not helpful, free individual tech support nonexistent. I'm not able to associate .hta extension with HTML Application in programs/control panel. Returned product.

  • W. Schultz - So I came to book ready to love but it sure didn't let me down

    I first knew her name at 9 years old. "HOme To Myself" was a personal theme song that Melissa Manchester recoded in 1973. I learned the lady's name who wrote with Melissa and soon found her writing hit after hit. Her debut Lp in 1978 I wore out and So yeah..I am a Huge fan. So I came to book ready to love but it sure didn't let me down. I read the first 118 pages in one day. Carole is a true legend having worked with so many greats and won so many awards. A wonderful read by a wonderful woman.

  • Megan @ Doodles 'n Scribbles - Done With TWD (spoilers)

    (spoilers) I say this as a fan of the show through season 4, the violence has reached the point of such depravity, that I am done supporting it. I know, the show has always been dark and violent but, I just feel physically sick about this one. I know, don't watch it then, and, I don't plan to from this point on. I can't tell you exactly where the line is between chopping Hershel's head off or turning Glen and Abraham's head into mush but, for me, enough is enough. Is anyone aware that PTSD is a real thing? I am not a baby about adult content but at what point do we need therapy to watch a dang show!

  • athena pierce - very nice card to have

    I wanted to get these cards for collection for the boys and grandson in my life they really enjoy these cards of the different athletes. They really enjoy learning about how athletes paying to play this for how important it was to them and look at each and everyone and pick up their favorites end it is a great addition to any daycare or just to have for your kids or grandkids especially the boys they enjoy it a lot that I have an interest in this particular sport I definitely would recommend the actually helps there intellect far as learning different sports. You will not go wrong with this addition to a collection. I was given this product at a discounted price or for free in exchange for my unbiased opinion