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  • Connie Raspet - date on packaging

    The coffee had a 1-4-14 date on it. I would have expected a much fresher date for $25 a pound. will not order again

  • Funktron - They Need To Bring This Gem Back To Market----It's Terrific!

    Super durable, super versatile, easy to store and infinitely useful----it's astounding to me that these are no longer being sold new. It's one of the best devices for your home----it just does so many things and takes up so little space. It's a little heavier than you might think, but it's sturdy and well built----and at times, you pay the price for that by having something that's heavy. The materials are steel and the wheels are some sort of hard composite plastic that are impossible to kill. You can use them on rough surfaces and they hold up nicely. Some of the design is a little clunky and takes getting used to----but this is because it's one item that does 4 things----so the trade off is that converting from one function to the other takes a little getting used to. Practice with it and start using it and then it becomes second nature. Honestly, "Little Giant" or "Gorilla" or some other company should bring this back. It's so worth it.

  • Will - Quality of Bose and Bass of Beats

    Was very excited to see my Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics arrive today. I normally don't review anything,but figure since my purchase was heavily decided by reviews I would share mine so others can benefit as well. For the price I paid for the device I wouldn't have expected it to be so neatly boxed as if I were opening a $500 new phone... I received everything described on amazon. Several different sizes to fit my ears. After trying different sizes I settled on the small hooks and covers.. The quality of the headset feels quite durable. I dreaded the "new purchase first charge" directions, but to my surprise it was fully charged within maybe 30 minutes. The pairing was quite easy, at first i was a little impatient and wasn't holding the button long enough because I would let go when i saw the blue light blink. I soon found holding it longer it would alternate between blue and red which was pairing mode. Well, after playing a few songs ranging from Calvin Harris and DNCE I determined my purchase is among my best decisions.. Let's just say i find it hard you will find a better Bluetooth headset when you weigh cost against quality. If you read one sentence the next is the one to read. If Bose and Beats were to come together, you would have this Bluetooth headset. You get the best of both sound quality and bass. This is my first experience with TaoTronics but will not be my last. I can't imagine how good the rest of the their products are and I expect I will be trying more soon. Also, you can't beat the quality experience you get when ordering from Amazon, especially if you have a prime account...

  • Judy W - Disappointed

    I took this magazine several years ago and missed it. I still miss the magazine had then, the magazine now is not nearly as good in my opinion.

  • Carrie - Truly 12 benefits ! (If not more!) This hair treatment is awesome!

    I first received this as a sample in a Glossybox and loved it! I now buy it from Amazon. It really does what it says -- a million things for your hair! It's shinier, smoother, easier to manage, smells great, and even blows dry straighter. I think this product would be great for anyone. I have thick naturally straight hair. Have used when I colored my hair and now that I don't.

  • Sen Yu - This does not work for me.

    I do not see a difference after applying it, but at least it did not irritate my skin either. Also, step 2 is very liquid so you have to wait a while to let it be absorbed before applying step 3, which can be very annoying if you are in a hurry in the morning.

  • DodgeBall - Garbage.

    Wow. What a piece of garbage. It won't work unless I take off the battery covers and tape the batteries down. Junk.