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SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda - SAMA programs include licensing & certification for massage, an Online Ayurvedic Training Course, Yoga Teacher Training, and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) as well as holistic & ayurvedic products.

  • http://karyn-chabot.squarespace.com/certification-programs Therapeutic Massage School LMT License Training in RI MA CT VT NH ME — SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda - The Newport Massage School offers training programs & classes for massage theory & practice for an LMT License. You can also become an ayurvedic healing practitioner. Convenient commute in New England states of  RI MA CT VT NH ME, near NY, NJ & PA.
  • http://karyn-chabot.squarespace.com/registered-ayurveda-school Registered Ayurveda School Online Ayurvedic Training Program — SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda - Enroll In Our Registered Ayurvedic Health Counselor Online Training Program now.
  • http://karyn-chabot.squarespace.com/new-short-ayurveda-webinars/ NEW! Short Ayurveda Webinars — SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda - AYURVEDA WEBINARS THURSDAY NIGHTS, 6:30pm-9pm$20/webinar, 5 for $80, first one free! 
  • http://karyn-chabot.squarespace.com/ncbtmb-e-courses/ NCBTMB eCourses — SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda - CBTMB (Formerly offered for NCBTMB) CE's- Homestudy Continuing Education E-Courses

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  • Toology - No more oil leak

    I had a leak from my timing case on my 2001 bmw e39 540i, about 2 drops per day. My mechanic said to keep an eye on it since it's expensive to fix. So I went searching on amazon and found this, then did more research on google and thought I would give it a shot for around $7 for a treatment of 6 quarts. My car has 10 quarts of oil so I used 2 bottles. The leak was the same for bit but it says to drive 500 miles, and I only drive 25 miles per day round trip 5 days a week so this was going to take a while, after a month I didn't see much change, so I got my normal oil change and dumped in 2 more bottles, but this time had to take an hour drive, I noticed if I drive longer during the day, there were no drops in my garage in the morning (where I would put a fresh paper plate everyday to track the oil). So now it's down to the point where there is a drop every few days, hopefully it continues to work and stops completely. I think the key to using this is try to knock out at least a few hours of driving in one shot instead of short trips where the engine warms up then cools down quickly. My guess is when you engine is at operating temperature, this stuff goes into action, so the longer you can keep the engine running, the better.

  • wilmingtonkat - Love that I could buy a sample to evaluate

    LIke a number of a other reviewers I had read that the product was of good quality. My question was how difficult would it be to install. After playing around with the sample I came up with a game plan that I wouldn't have been comfortable doing with full sized pieces. Basically you end up bending the sample piece by accident until you figure out how it goes in best. After evaluating I ended up ordering the full package.

  • ChuckP - Pay extra and go to dealership

    You get what you pay for, very cheap design. Tab broke on one during instillation and not surprising the hubcap fell off within two days. The problem is the inside tabs are plastic and you need to add a metal ring onto the plastic tab. The metal ring helps secure the hubcap to the wheel rim. I tried the ring on both positions of the tab as instructed but it was really difficult to get the hubcap onto the wheel at either position, I ended up forcing the hubcap onto the rim which broke the tab, the other three went on with difficulty also, not looking forward to next oil change when they rotate the tires. I decided not to call the company, considering what I paid.

  • Soterik - Very, Very good and complete

    This is everything you need to make your will. Plus healthcare directive, living will, etc. It is all here. Very thorough. It asks you all the pertinent questions; more than the attorney your paying by the hour would ask. Highly recommended.