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  • Rusty West - Works pretty well

    I like it but was not aware it was just a one year subscription. Might not have bought it if I had known. SuperAntispyware and LavaSoft are both free and do almost as well. PC Matic won't get rid of api.mybrowserbar.com or the new ransomeware.

  • Fonse.ca - You'll be ok with any other cheaper "Brain Enhancer Supplement"

    Don't buy the hype, it is a nootropic but not better than ant other NowFoods Brain Focus product fo $18- $20

  • Kelly Zurp - Worth Watching

    Very engaging - kept me watching - I watched all the episodes back to back. At first view, the plot is pretty formulaic - once successful attorney gets another chance and battles the evil corporation. But, there were enough surprises that were reveled with excellent timing, such that it kept me watching and wanting more.

  • Shelly Robbins - The way the screens can be sized and changed makes this version the easiest to use. And the Income Tracker is a good new tool.

    I like the way the homescreen can be sized and moved to cover the whole screen in 2014. I keep mine covering the screen, it's a lot easier to move around in QuickBooks for Mac that way. I also like the Income Tracker because all customer activity is in one place so I can see what I need to be doing next to bring cash into the business, and that's always what needs to be done first and last every day, so it helps me to stay focused on my most important tasks. There is online banking, attached documents, and I could go on and on, but the Income Tracker is what makes this new 2014 version worth spending a few dollars on.

  • Dwayne S. Masselink - Good price point for proven software.

    We are already familiar with this software. Multi use and proven software that meets our needs at a good price.