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Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Mike. - I love the results

    I finally I got to use this screen protector on my phone, I love the results. It was pretty easy to install, because I already had a previous protector on the screen I did not need to clean much after peeling the old one off. This new screen protector does come with a large alcohol wipe in case you do need to get rid of the residue left behind from the previous screen protector. I accidentally installed this slight out of angle (off) and had to pull it off and put it back on. This peeling and reapplying had zero affect on the screen protector and was able to restore itself back to normal in no time. The screen is spotless and I can see through it without the hint of any screen protector being there. The touch sensitivity of the screen is not changed, or at least it is too little for me to notice. I did notice small amount of smudges but they are very few and only get noticed when you turn the screen off and hold the phone at an angle.

  • Kennedy - Easy Peasy

    Heard about this product from a youtuber. Followed directions to the T. Easy Peasy. My upper lip was smooth. Very happy with the results. I left on for about 10 min and wiped off gently with baby wipes. Then I splashed with warm water just to make sure it was off. Upper lip stayed smooth for about 2 weeks.