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  • Amazon Customer - Motion up

    My wife has thick curly hair, and seen this and thought that she would give it a try. "It smells nice, and it is like a thick gel substance that goes along way. My hair gets really frizzy and I have to add gel, grease, hairspray, among countless items to keep my hair from frizzing out. This product works wonders, apply to your hair wet or dry and style how you please. This is definitely a product worth trying if you have thick, curly, or frizzy hair. Nothing to lose but a wonder bouncy look with gorgeous curls."

  • HONEY - It does work!

    at first, I was afraid to take Almased as a supplement. I decided to go with the Almased Bikini plan Diet. it work I lost like 10 pounds in one week. but I was following the diet and exercising. the first and second day, I experienced a strong headache. then I felt great.

  • Solange - Essential

    A must have as a novice in the world of finance. It covers the basics and explains everything in order and lay terms as well as introduces finance world vocabulary terms.

  • Kindle Customer - Never feels

    Great read, great story and great group of characters. Excitement, chills and change of thrilling events. I follow the author because I know ill be reading great books.

  • Cody - Make sure you install it properly!

    When I first snapped mine in, it was fairly loose. I thought something was wrong. I soon figured out you really need to hammer the tabs to fan them out inside the body. Not many people explain this well and some never figure it out. The instructions just show some vague arrows. I took a large phillips screwdriver and gently hammered the tabs outward, using a rag to not mar the plastic. It can take some force, and you might feel like you will break something. I recommend starting with the top two tabs. Once the tabs are splayed past the edge of the sheet metal, this thing is very snug.

  • Anastasia M. Katai - Outstanding story!

    This is probably the best story I have read; I belong to a book club and would not have selected this book on my own, but ended up both loving it and recommending it everywhere. Amazon.com also offers the documentary video that was filmed during the voyage - it shows life on the ship as well as the breakup on the ice. I am also using this book in my management training classes as an excellent example of leadership. Enjoy!