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  • Mark - Good Product Ruined. Not Worth Your Time.

    Bitdefender, sitting on its decent reputation from earlier years, but now totally stinks! We bought a few licenses and found out the activation process unbearably confusing, frustrating and their customer service completely useless. The activation process alone is enough to drive off a new user. On top of that, it somehow automatically disabled a few NAS connections. This problem took another hour to get fixed, by removing Bitdefender all together. Everything was good ever since. No more headaches from them!

  • christi - Works well and non stick as described, but nothing special.

    Works great but no better than any other foil I've ever bought. The non stick works well so it gets 5 stars for that alone.

  • Marie - Shark has terrible customer service and doesn't honor their warranty

    I purchased this vacuum and at first I just loved it. As others mentioned it kept falling over. One of the plastic sides of the canister where the clips attach broke but I was able to use the product with just the one clip and it held. I have long hair that gets all over the carpeting and this tangled up in the brush at the bottom. I had to cut it out after each use and remove it because you can't remove the brush. This kept happening until the cleaned brush wouldn't move across the rugs and can only be used in the bare floor setting.

  • L. Klimasauskas - Works but skeptical

    '97 Honda Civic here with a failing head gasket - symptoms of really rough starting, plumes of blue smoke (oil) on start, rough idling and burning coolant. My local mechanic quoted me $1200-$1500 for a head gasket repair (their labor is a bit on the steep end) which was worth more than the car so I decided to give this a try as a last resort. I wanted to ensure that it mixed properly with my coolant so I only added about 1/3rd of the container (1/2 is advised for 4 cyl. engines) and idled with the heater on high for 15 minutes and shut it off. The next day the start was rough with another plume of blue smoke and off to work I went. Since then my car has been behaving great. No more rough starting and uneven idling. No more blue smoke and burnt coolant. It's been nearly a week but so far the product works as described.

  • Kim Wattman - A dull book

    This book wasnt that good to me. It started off pretty good but then fizzled out. I found the characters very boring and the ending wasnt good. I cant really recommend this to others. I wish I didnt waste my money on it.