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(ير مام)-Yasmin - An optimist about life but completely cynical about it too. If that isn't a juxtaposition I don't know what is.

  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/147823112868/whatbethsays-the-other-night-i-tried-to-make-a whatbethsays: the other night i tried to make a... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - whatbethsays: “ the other night i tried to make a curry and i got chilli burns all over my face, so i thought to myself ‘hang on, doesn’t milk soothe chilli burns? it does’ and i couldn’t google...
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/147163580003/carolingianempire-azuila-devourmysoul-i carolingianempire: azuila: devourmysoul: I... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - carolingianempire: “ azuila: “ devourmysoul: “ I hate the term “women of color” Since fucking when is my peach skin not a color? Why must I be excluded from a group of women? ” ” your ~peach skin~...
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/143611363528/hypotheticalwoman-catbountry-andrew-scoot hypotheticalwoman: catbountry: andrew-scoot:... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - hypotheticalwoman: “ catbountry: “ andrew-scoot: “ this iS REALLY FUCKING FUNNY JUST WAIT FOR IT TO GET GOING ” That’s one hell of a Rube Goldberg machine. ” all good rube goldberg machines contain a...
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/142871648438/aryeia-emigration-babydreamgirl aryeia: emigration: babydreamgirl:... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - aryeia: “ emigration: “ babydreamgirl: “ jackafz: “ pattipoisontypelabelle: “ hellaween: “ when you get a cold chill ” I’m the people living off Rihanna experiencing a 7.0 earthquake on the richter...
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/142295946858/imarisosweet-theknightmurders imarisosweet: theknightmurders:... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - imarisosweet: “ theknightmurders: “ freshest-tittymilk: “ dynastylnoire: “ blvck–vodka: “ ais4antjuanette: “ goaaaldigger: “ afrodesiacworldwide: “ mothernaeture: “ afrohoopz: “ tournesols-niors: “...
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/image/141750224228 (ير مام)-Yasmin : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • http://jar-0f-farts.tumblr.com/post/141750201353/newwavefeminism-yungcrybby-anonymousbosch newwavefeminism: yungcrybby-anonymousbosch:... - (ير مام)-Yasmin - newwavefeminism: “yungcrybby-anonymousbosch: “potashium: “ theroguefeminist: “ ohmygil: “ thewhitefoxdevil: “ sizvideos: “ Watch the full video ” Holy shit, this experiment is so exploitative of...

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  • Happy house - Great price

    My daughter is interested in joining the service after high school. The recruiter she has talked to offered to sell her the same book for $40. My daughter doesn’t test well and is nervous she won't do well. When I showed her the book. She was so excited because I am supportive of her choice. And she wants to do well the practice questions helped ease her anxiety. The military website has some practice questions but she couldn't register because she was too young. And I didn’t want to register for her. The questions in this book are very extensive. It gives her a variety of examples of questions she might see on the test. I received a discount for this product in exchange for a honest review.

  • R. Atkins - INTENTIONALLY broken for TiVo conversion, despite advertised ability

    I am trying to use Creator 2012 to convert TiVo video to DVD. I have multiple files from multiple channels: CBS, TCM, PBS, Showtime, etc. In every case, I receive the message "This folder contains files protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM protected files cannot be added to a project, so they will not be displayed."

  • Jhunki - Good product but eyewear should be included

    I would have given this product, more than 3 stars, if they had included a pair of safety glasses or some kind of eye-wear because the laser light is literally blinding so you kinda lose track of where you started and how much gap to give. So I ended up going over some places more than once. Safety glasses are a must at all the laser hair removal clinics, I have gone to. Otherwise, this product worked quite well. It was virtually painless where I had shaved but stung a bit on the areas that had a bit of stubble.

  • Jeannie H. Chryn - A star of perfection.

    The Crystal Star is an annual ornament I order every year, the Swarovski Annual. It's always beautiful. Thank you

  • deb1210 - Seducing the Marquess

    The blurb of Seducing the Marquess sounded like something I needed to read. Newly married, Lady Eugenia Devon and Richard, Marquess of Devon, have a proper marriage. A marriage of convenience. It is one of respect and affection, but lacks love. Devon's been taught that you take care of your needs with a mistress-not with your gentle wife. But once he's married, he's not interested in a mistress any longer. He only really wants Eugenia. Eugenia, also only wants Devon, so she tries to entice him to fall in love with her after she finds a naughty book. She believes she could have what the book dictates with Devon, so she strives to make it happen.