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Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi – Københavns Universitet - IVS forsker i behandling og forebyggelse af livsstilssygdomme, autoimmune sygdomme, antibiotikaresistens, fødevaresikkerhed, parasitære sygdomme, dyrevelfærd.

  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/ Department of Veterinary Disease Biology – University of Copenhagen - Department of Veterinary Disease Biology educates veterinarians, parasitologist, microbiologists, research in parasites, microbiology, food safety, zoonoses, vector borne diseases, One Health perspectives.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/food_safety_and_zoonoses/ Section for Food Safety and Zoonoses – University of Copenhagen - We study food borne pathogenic bacteria and zoonoses, provide new knowledge relevant to prevention and control of such diseases. We cover the entire food chain from primary production to the consumer and has a strong foundation in the molecular mechanism that underlies the behavior of microorganisms in this chain.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/section_for_molecular_disease_biology/ Section for Molecular Disease Biology – University of Copenhagen - Section for Molecular Disease Biology works with molecular mechanisms that determine disease progression in relation to cancer: Our focus is drug resistance, the protein TIMP-1, idenfication of biomarkers and cancer endocrinology and metabolism.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/about_parasitology_and_aquatic_diseases/ Section for Parasitology and Aquatic Diseases (PAD) at IVS – University of Copenhagen - The research groups at PAD: Aquatic Pathobiology, Parasites and the Environment, Veterinary Parasitology, Parasitic Zoonoses
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/exp_animal_models/ Section for Experimental Animal Models – University of Copenhagen - Section for Experimental Animal Models studies the development of models for human and veterinary diseases in mammals including animal welfare, pharmacology, immunology and pathology aspects.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/veterinary_clinical_microbiology/ Veterinary Clinical Microbiology – University of Copenhagen - Development of diagnostic tools to molecular studies of processes in bacteria, strong focus in alternatives to antibiotic treatment, development of vaccines and other measures for prevention and control of bacterial infections in animals.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/forskning/ Forskning ved Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi – Københavns Universitet - Forskning på IVS  bidrager til løsningeri samfundet indenfor antibiotikaresistens, fødevaresikkerhed, livstilssygdomme, dyrevelfærd og parasitære sygdomme.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/samarbejder/ Centre og samarbejder – Københavns Universitet - IVS samarbejder med andre institutter og på tværs af fakulteterne. Der eksisterer et betydeligt forskningssamarbejde mellem institutterne og virksomheder inden for hovedsageligt landbrugs- og fødevareområdet samt medicinal området.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/nyheder/2016/c-vitamin-til-hjernen/ C-vitamin til hjernen – Københavns Universitet - Pernille Tveden-Nyborg og Jens Lykkesfeldt: "Når skørbug nu er så sjælden, hvorfor så interessere sig for C-vitaminmangel i dag?" Det svarer de på i "Vitaminer til hjernen".
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/nyheder/ NYHEDER – Københavns Universitet - Nyheder fra IVS forskning i parasitter, patologi, cancer, mikrobiologi, fødevaresikkerhed, resistens og mange andre områder.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/kalender/2016/dafinet/ DAFINET Workshop: Pangasius and Tilapia production: Upgrading Fish Health and Value Chains – Københavns Universitet - Pangasius and Tilapia production: Upgrading Fish Health and Value ChainsThe DAFINET workshop in November is organized by Department of Veterinary Disease Biology, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, and Department of Food and Resource Economics
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/english/research/veterinary_clinical_microbiology/sunddiagnostik/ SUND VET DIAGNOSTIK – University of Copenhagen - SUND VET DIAGNOSTIK; veterinary diagnostic lab specialized in companion animal microbiology with particular focus on bacterial infections in dogs, cats and horses offering high-quality diagnostic services performed by professionally trained technical staff and supervised by veterinary academic staff specialized in clinical microbiology.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/om-instituttet/ Om Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi – Københavns Universitet - Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi er et af de tre veterinær institutter på Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet.
  • http://ivs.ku.dk/undervisning/ Undervisning på Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi – Københavns Universitet - Institut for Veterinær Sygdomsbiologi underviser på veterinærstudiet, levnedsmiddelingeniørstudiet, biologi-bioteknologistudiet samt på parasitologikurserne. 

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