Graphè - Istituto di ricerca scientifica sulle scritture - graphè è un Istituto di grafologia che organizza corsi e seminari in molise e puglia. In oltre il Graphè mira ad effettuare ricerche in campo grafologico.

  • L'istituto di ricerche grafologiche Graphè - Graphè è un accreditato istituto nato per dare impulso e nuovi contributi alla ricerca scientifica in ambito grafologico
  • La scuola - scuola di grafologia Graphè con sede a Campobasso e Bari organizza corsi di grafologia.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • DesertDweller - Basic Cleanser

    With all the hype on TV regarding Cindy Crawford's beauty regimen, I was disappointed. For me and my skin, this product is not any different than Dove soap, meaning no differences in skin texture, etc. I would not recommend, nor would I encourage a person to not purchase, this item.

  • Jennifer J DiCenzo - Lovely Christmas read

    This was such a cute holiday book by Debbie Macomber. I have come to love her holiday releases because they are so fun and enjoyable to read, like a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form. Cain and Julia live across from each other in an apartment building, but while Julia loves the Christmas holiday Cain is the complete opposite. He is mean and rude to her no matter how nice she tries to be. While talking to her best friend one day, Julia comes up with the idea to kill him with kindness. And since she hopes to win the blog war that will get her the job she wants, she decides to blog about her Mr Scrooge next door, the twelve days left until Christmas, and her journey to kill him with kindness. What she didn't count on is that he really does have a heart under there. One that starts to care for Julia and she, him. But Cain has issues and when she inadvertently plays on those issues, it could mean a very lonely Christmas for these two. Unless a little Christmas magic comes along.

  • lars - shiny

    This is nice polish. It has more of a slight purple tint than you can tell from the picture. It holds well (like most glitters). Thanks!

  • Pierre T. Tang - Quiet and easy to install

    I'm a big DIY person, but the instructions were clear and concise. Install was very easy (make sure you have the proper tools however).

  • D. Vogel - Best yet!

    A premium helmet that I got at a good price. This replaced a Giro Ionos after a terrible crash. I got busted up pretty bad, but I could have been killed or worse without my what price do you put on that? Wow...I thought my Ionos was light...this is like a feather and more comfortable. RocLoc 5 is micro adjustable and fantastc ventilation. A cheaper one could have saved me, but if you have the cash, this could be the ultimate. Been using Giro for 20+ years through 4 models....all good and I won't switch.

  • MakChoc - My first accounting class

    Bought this book because of work. We started using Quickbooks 2 months ago and I was looking for a guide that would be also helpful with accounting and easy to read/explain. This book has been more than that. I never thought managing a business's accounting was so complex but now I'm able to create reports with quickbooks. (: