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  • Laura D. Bailey - Wonderful resource!

    I was completely new to Access databases and this book led me easily through the steps to become a proficient Access user. It is also indexed well in case I need to revisit a topic. I would highly recommend this manual!

  • John McConn - Motorola customer service is the worst

    Been having problems with the wireless dropping out since I purchased the modem 6 months ago. I have contacted customer service a half dozen times and all they want to do is change the channel and say its fixed. After resetting the modem the wireless starts dropping connections after about a week. My laptop, tablet, and phone all lose connection while everything plugged into the ethernet ports works fine. Customer service blames wireless congestion as the problem but all my other wireless work fine. currently I have a the wireless turned off and a Linksys router plugged into SBG6580.

  • Patricia A. Webster - The noise from the ball launcher scared my dog.

    I'm sure this is a great product and it works for some dogs, however, my dog was terrified of it. The ball launcher is so loud she would run for cover. There was no way she would ever consider approaching it to drop the ball in herself. It was worth it to try it but if your dog is noise sensitive this is not the product for you.

  • Amelia, Austin Texas - This book totally sucks.

    I expected this book to introduce Excel, describe what it is, how you can use it, and so on, NO! It jumps right in explaining the technical details of the Excel 2010 product and how you do certain things. I wanted an introduction.