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  • pb loves to read - A really terrific read--don't miss out on this one!

    What do you do when everything you believed is wrong? Elizabeth comes home to bury her father. The stepfather who never told her he had terminal cancer; the one who told her not to worry about her student loans. What she ends up with is just a house...everything else was left to so guy she'd never met; some guy she was sure had taken advantage of her father.

  • Cynthia Larochelle - Not up to par

    Unhappy with quality, thin and watery. Have purchased thru original company and worked very well. This was a major disappointment. I would not buy again.

  • jackson - Unprofessional Time and Billing

    We purchased the Premier Professional Services version not only for the business accounting part of the program but more importantly, for the ability to integrate legal services time and billing into one seamless package. The program has taken a standard inventory and services billing program and tweaked it a bit to make it "professional services" ready. The lack of ability to revise the billing and invoice forms and parts of the program to make them act and look like professional services invoicing makes that aspect of the program unusable, unless you don't mind them looking like an invoice from a widget manufacturer created by a third grader. Also, having to retain a QuickBooks pro to figure out and set up client, billing professional and rate structures makes the program expensive. If you are concerned about ease, appearance and flexibility in legal invoicing, skip this program, buy a less expensive business accounting version and go elsewhere for time and billing.

  • Kindle Customer - Slow, interesting story

    Not much happens in this book. it was an interesting take on a vampire love story. The characters weren't described very well, it took literally the entire book to understand who the main characters were. The character, Sofia, isn't super likable/special and she supposedly has a high IQ but it is not apparent in her words or actions. I'd give this book a solid "meh".

  • rawraws - Informative but lacking

    First off I will say this book does an excellent job of proving, as the title says, why stomach acid is good for you. Almost the entire book is devoted to explaining it. I have already suspected almost everything it discussed so that was no surprise.

  • B. Horner - Good Stuff!

    Great product when it is applied properly. You can definitely tell its on your when its rained the water pools up and runs off quickly. Also, with my car being black it stays cleaner looking longer after being hand-washed.

  • 101JKL - At first I thought it was great, it did take extra wiping with microfiber towel

    At first I thought it was great, it did take extra wiping with microfiber towel...however, the next day the dust from the previous day stuck to it and had to wipe before I could drive.