• Mottel Baleston - I was told NEVER to read the New Testament because it was a Gentile handbook on how to persecute Jews. But curiosity got the best of me.
  • Michael Goldstone - How I Met Messiah! - I was searching for meaning in life through drugs, nature, and Eastern philosophy. So I hitchhiked to Mexico looking for magic mushrooms, but instead encountered someone very unexpected!
  • Diane Cohen - How I Met Messiah! - I’m educated and curious, so I read a book about a rabbi who changed the world. At the time, I was on the board at my synagogue, and they couldn’t believe what I was telling them!
  • DR. RICH FLASHMAN - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I always knew there was something wrong with this world. But after the supernatural revelation I experienced in the temple parking lot, I knew what the solution would be!
  • JENNIFER GOETZ - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I traveled all over with Bob Dylan. Yet I felt so empty and realized that not even art or talent could fulfill me or anyone else. The answer to my emptiness dawned on me as I was reading a book in a bar in Austin
  • VANESSA LEEF - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - After miraculous healing from illness as a child, Vanessa committed her life to serving the Lord.
  • ALAN SHORE - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I thought that all Christians were idiots and even responsible for the Holocaust. Thanks to being robbed at a hostel in Paris I later came to the conclusion that it was through his sufferings, that he reached me!
  • STEVE FRIEDER - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I always felt like something was missing from Judaism. But I knew that Jesus was not for the Jews, thinking he was friends with Santa.
  • Rich Freeman - How I Met Messiah! - As a Jew I believed Jesus was responsible for the death of my people. An amazing miracle proved me wrong and changed my life forever.
  • DEBRA GOLDSTONE - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I searched for God through Hinduism and Buddihism. Then I fell in love with another Jewish guy who one day shocked me with his finding!
  • MARTY GOETZ - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - He wasn't that dead Jesus on the cross at my friends' house or at a church. He was alive! and He was more Jewish than I was!
  • BRIAN ROBBINS - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - The preacher speaking on the radio used the word "light", and at that exact moment a light LITERALLY shone brightly into my eyes.
  • DR. MITCH GLASER - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - I'm an unlikely person to believe in Jesus. From a Jewish upbringing to becoming a drug dealer - depravity led me to find an intimate relationship with Jesus.
  • JAN ROSENBERG - HOW I MET MESSIAH! - Growing up Jewish, evil demonic forces took over me, but Jesus miraculously healed me!
  • Ari Hauben - How I Met Messiah! - God, I just want to tell you that I am sorry because I have hated your name. It's a whole other reality to know and to walk with God.
  • Len Rosenberg - How I Met Messiah! - I saw that Jesus was rejected but He continued to love back. He gave the world.
  • Grant Berry - How I Met Messiah! - While I loved driving my red Maserati in NYC, the "high life" lacked meaning for me. But I also couldn't find spiritual connection in my synagogue. One day, my friend Maria...
  • Prof. Rose Harrison - How I Met Messiah! - Despairing after the Holocaust, a paper from one of my students taught me how to heal!
  • Thom Berkowitz - How I Met Messiah! - Anger and money ruled my life - soon enough all my family and friends were finding Jesus. I couldn't ignore Him any longer.
  • Dr. Jeff Burkes - How I Met Messiah! - Raised to believe and understood Christianity to be the source of all evil, I came to find the truth in following Yeshua.
  • Lance Rodgers - How I Met Messiah! - I couldn't get answers to the truth I was seeking, so I took it into my own hands but I still couldn't figure it out on my own. Eventually, I allowed Him to reveal himself to me.
  • Victoria Valershtain - How I Met Messiah! - Being an alcoholic, darkness was the bottom of my bottle. As soon as I confessed my sin, all the voices and darkness disappeared.

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  • naomi kliegl - experienced now brand kava user

    I have tried several brands of kava with only one positive response...for myself. I seem to benefit from the combination of ginseng and kava to calm in a manner that energizes as well. I find it particularly helpful in social situations as it seems to provide an increase n my desire to interact with others. I find it difficult to find and have to rely on the few sources that keep a supply in stock. I love the product but felt it took an unusual amount of time to receive my purchase from Amazon. I am new to the site and perhaps this is normal but I like to be able to predict the date of product reception with some assurance. Otherwise, Amazon is the my experience with the online ordering and I was actually surprised how easy the process was.

  • Gaming.Fit - Another great update with online play and some unique features for Wii U

    I've reviewed every Just Dance game since the original in 2009. While I've given the spin-offs and rip-offs less-than-stellar reviews, the main games in the series (Just Dance and Just Dance 2, 3, and 4) have always gotten 5 out of 5 stars from me. While the basic mechanics of the game have been the same since the beginning, Ubisoft has done a great job of improving accuracy and adding to the feature set in each new version.

  • 350ZMO - RT-AC87U = Great Dual Band Router

    I love Amazon but even they give me pet peeves, one is when they group multiple products and their respective reviews together. At the time I am writing this the AC66U, AC68U and AC87U are all grouped together. Read the small grey print under the reviewers name and date to verify the actual product their review is about.