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  • A rvwr from SATX - I bought this since I wasn't sure my 2009 version would do all I wanted to do.

    I copied several CD's the other weekend and when I went to play a couple of them, they were horrible. Both started off fine but then one would not go beyond the second track, the other went to the fourth but was choppy from that point on. I thought it was the original disk, but it wasn't - maybe it was just those blank CDs. My other issue was copying a DVD of some family photos, it didn't want to copy the original disk (gave me an error that was too nebulous to discern), but it copied a copy just fine. It may just be me, but whenever I used my Roxio 2009 version I never had any problems whatsoever.

  • An excellent modern-day recording.... - An excellent modern-day recording....

    .... of a classic rock opera. Alice Cooper shines as King Herod, and David Burt as Pilate nearly steals the show with his sneering, yet compassionate depiction of the Roman whose silence put Jesus to death. Zubin Varla does a good turn as a passionate Judas--his voice breaks as he sings Judas' reprise of "I Don't Know How to Love Him." In addition, Joanna Ampil as Mary Magdalene is one of the best Marys I've ever heard. Her voice is sweet and pleasant to listen to, a real pleasure. The only slightly sour note in an otherwise pleasant production is Judas' harshness in some songs, and Steve Balsamo's Jesus gets high-pitched and effeminate-sounding in some songs. Fans of the movie's Ted Nealy will likely appreciate Balsamo's production. But the sound quality is excellent, and this is truly a wonderful recording!

  • Liz Sanders - Loved this book

    Loved this book! I was so happy to check back in with these characters and meet the new ones! If you are a fan of the Troubleshooters, you will love this story!

  • S Riley - My 14 month old grandaughter loves hers!

    So disappointing! 3 out of 4 ordered did not work! Customer service took care of the problem and we are happy with the product and service.