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  • Rex Kramer - Best mount for the money, not so great for older sets

    I purchased a Cheetah mount in the past, so I had a good idea of what I was getting. What makes them affordable is the fact that they're modular. While this keeps the cost down, it does have some drawbacks, especially with older, bulkier flat panels.

  • Slippers For Seniors - Extremely bad customer service

    First, Nerium did nothing for me. I used it for over 3 months and saw no noticeable change at all. I cancelled my membership in October. November I did not receive product and was not charged. Suddenly I was charge for December and received the product a few days afterwards. I called Nerium support and told them I wanted the charge reversed because I had cancelled my membership in October. They refused. They said I had product. I had not received the product yet. I told them, if the product arrived, I would send it back immediately. They told me that they would then credit me within 10 days after they received it. They said I did not cancel my membership. I told them I had the cell phone record to prove that I had. They still refused to reverse the December charge. I received the product today. Sent it back to them certified, return receipt mail. It cost me $11.50. The charge is still on my bank account. I find this absolutely horrible customer service. They didn't even care if I had my cell phone records to prove that I had, in fact, cancelled my membership. I will never recommend this product or company to anyone.

  • Cinnamon girl - Does not deliver what it promises

    I saw a commercial for Wen and, of course, hoped that the product would do wonders for me. I actually have used conditioners to clean my hair for several years after reading a book called "Curly Girl" where the author quit using shampoo and cleaned her hair with conditioner instead. It is not a new concept to do this. I was just hoping for a superior product and my daughters wanted to try Wen as well. First of all, my daughter complained about the smell of the cucumber aloe conditioner. I thought it couldn't be that bad, and then I tried it and understood immediately what she meant. It smells like menthol in cough drops or Vicks Vaporub. Yuck! I had taken the cucumber aloe with me on vacation before trying it and actually went out and bought a new conditioner at a drugstore. It made my hair frizzy when I used it and when I got home and went back to my old Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner, I was much happier.