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  • Meg-a la-Mama - So far so good

    My 6 y.o. son's been doing the daily exercises for about three weeks now. After one week, his eyes were tracking noticeably better. We'll be keeping up with these exercises every day. I've recommended this book to many mom friends as Crafft's reasoning seems very sound and the exercises are logical and easy.

  • Mark Twain - Expensive, too many tiny pieces to assemble and not very bright

    Ridiculously hard to put together, sat in a corner for a month as I mustered the gumption to tackle a 4 hour job.

  • Serena Jones - Highly recommended.

    Great car seat! Lived up to my expectations. A little difficult to figure out at first but well worth the learning curve.

  • Scott - Get back your Independence!!!

    I am a hands on guy who can do almost anything. While working on my house, I fell off a 6' ladder and had a severe fracture of my left heal. (long story) I was using conventional crutches to get around but is was terrible. The upper pads were rubbing so much into my skin that it was causing a bad rash. The worst thing is that I couldn't do hardly anything. Try carrying a cup of coffee while walking with crutches. I was getting so upset that my wife had to do almost everything for me. I started to look online for other options and came across this devise. I watched the video and then I couldn't take out my credit card fast enough. The shipping was very fast and after I set it up for my left leg, I was up and walking around like there was no tomorrow. I did over do it the first day and I didn't let my left leg get used to it because the next day, my left thigh was burning. (well i haven't been using it for almost 3 weeks) That only lasted a couple of days. Now I'm doing everything that I used to do before my accident and I have my independence back. I can mow the yard, work in the garage, I have even been up on a ladder to get the Christmas decorations down. (don't tell my wife) and to top it off, the wife and I even went dancing 2 nights ago.

  • enigmatic utopian - What I'm most curious about is how he managed to type all these words with his posh little corgi paws...

    It's laughable when any Conservative talks about undertaking a "revolution". I mean they could try, but I think those three-piece suits are not conducive to being able to overthrow anything, personally. And how do a bunch of rabid, self-important, self-involved individualists have the capacity to band together? They'd all be jostling for the spotlight and whining that their own goals are the MOST important.

  • Jason Brink - Booming bass and extreme clarity from such a little headset!

    This little headset is great! Better sound than my Jaybird or LG Pro with JBL. It's very clear, even at high volume, and has booming bass. I was skeptical, but I wanted a tiny headset that had the option of stereo or mono, my Jawbone Icon is starting to crap out on me. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and I think I found the bombdiggity of headsets! And not to mention, there are over a dozen ear bud covers, do you should find your perfect fit, plus there are 4 ear clips, just in case you don't feel safe wearing just the headset. I highly recommend!!