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    I purchased the Wenger for its telescopic pointer, and let me tell you, I can point SOOOOOO good with this thing! I'd say it increased my pointing efficiency by at least 37.892%!

  • Larry L. Zellner - The Truth About America

    This is an outstanding book. The authors are Christian and present the case for the return of Christ,soon. Most people, even those who claim to be Christian, have no idea how close the return of Christ is.

  • aleksei aljochin - Where is my volleyball??

    I bought volleyball Mikasa from BESTSELLERS4427 on 28 February 2014, paid for ball and international delivery through Paypall and that's all. For more than two months I did not hear nothingfrom seller. Money gone and no volleyball. I've send more than 10 e-mails to seller (from paypall information I found out that money for purchase been transferred to Aida Azaryan - looks like she is behind bestsellers4427). I did not receive any answers on my e-mails, some of which been send through Paypall, when I open dispute about not delivery of purchase, now it's upgrade to claim). Now paypall try to resolve problem, but they informed me that need more time than expected. So people if you see sellers under names bestsellers4477, success44777 and Aida Azaryan, stay away, if you want get something for your money.

  • Willy - It didn't help at all

    I'm 46 and over the past 2-3 years I started having increasing difficulty sleeping, thinning hair, getting too warm at night, depression,Decreases libido, mornjng anxiety, decreased concentration, fatigue, ...all the symptoms of low progesterone. I had a slew of blood tests including thyroid which were all normal. My doctor suggested to try done progesterone cream so I bought a progesterone cream at Henry's/Boneys about 6 minths ago that helped me so much but ran out and empty container was thrown out, and can't recall what the brand was. I went back to buy more but didn't see it on their shelves. Then i tried this product. I purchased two jars and have used this product for 3 months now. My symptoms have not improved. In fact they are worse. This product didnt do anything at all to help. I know there is a cream that was effective but this one wasn't at all.

  • Daniel Forsyth - Great value, great bike

    I bought the 17 inch frame, it arrived very well packaged, I assembled it myself without any trouble, but I am familiar with bikes. I think the front brake rotor may be slightly out of true because it rubs on the pads VERY slightly, so that should be taken care of by my local bike shop when I take it in for a tune up. I have ridden it pretty hard on mountain trails and don't have any complaints.