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  • Sherry Litasi - A MUST READ for anyone with Acid Reflux

    I should buy more copies as I always seem to have lent it to a client. This book is essential for anyone who has acid reflux.

  • codemyster - Good product so far!

    Just to give everyone a basis for this review: I am a 28 year old Caucasian male with moderately sensitive skin. I have been using the product for about 2 weeks and have noticed a significant reduction in the about of razor bumps and ingrown hairs on my neck. I only use it after shaving and apply it as directed (with a cotton pad).

  • Amazon Customer - Make sure it will fit

    I have a Samsung monitor that, for some unexplained reason, decided to recess their VESA mount in the back of the monitor. This adapter plate was rather nice but did not fit inside of the recess. I had to spend some quality time with it and a reciprocating saw to finally trim off some of the rounded edges. Aside from it not fitting in the odd design of my monitor, the product itself was great.