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  • robcontheroad - Good value and good service

    This one works well, is priced right and service is great. Since ordering these through Amazon I've used other LD products and they always have performed perfectly.

  • Kaerlig Hurtado - One of a kind

    We preordered Cozmo and it was worth it. It came a day early and worked immediately, high tech, not technical. It recognized our faces and could move autonomously and play games. I am very excited to see the new apps and features that can be added and for the SDK.

  • bonnie bailey spicer - Bought this for my girls because they love these kinds of games

    Bought this for my girls because they love these kinds of games. It is a really fun game. It gives the body a work out. Loved the variety of songs and dances.

  • Douglas Pope - I have seen the face of God.

    I didn't feel the need to plan my weekend around 5 small gummybears. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • James Kimble - Great Shoe, at a great price

    Over 500 miles in these shoes. They feel great and are easy adjusted for your riding comfort. I would recommend these to an of my riding buddies.

  • JascoeB - So I went to GNC looking for the latest and greatest, I mean I have tried almost every single ...

    I bought this at GNC but will be buying it here from here on out because its just a few dollars cheaper here unless GNC has a sale or summn. Now, when it comes to the battle of the bulge, I need all the help I can get. I was clinically diagnosed as an emotional eater--I literally eat my problems, and when it comes to trying to lose weight, even having even a mildly stressful day, with me eating every single content in the refrigerator it just doesn't work out. So I went to GNC looking for the latest and greatest, I mean I have tried almost every single thing on the market, some pills make me wanna gag, while some have little to no effect whatsoever. This pill right here, seriously, I have never taken anything before that has suppressed my appetite in such a way. And more importantly on a low carb diet, I usually get hunger pangs and headaches like no other, I do NOT feel it with SST. I don't get that "I'm dying to lay down and sleep" feeling I usually get with a low carb diet either, I have sustained energy thru-out the day without wanting to jump thru the roof. The fact is, you have to know your body, some things work for some folks while it doesn't work for others, so you have to try it for yourself and see how it works out. As for me though, I am super happy I found SST and will continue to use it until I have met my goal and even afterwards in order to maintain it. If I remember I will update progress. :-) I hope I helped someone out...

  • Beth Summers - Spoiler alert

    Normally, I hate head hopping first person, mixed in with third person narration. But somehow Suzanne made it work. Like all her books, the tense in which she writes makes no difference because you are literally sacked into the story and can't put it down. I loved Board Squad John, they remind me of young Jenkins, Lopez, Danny and Izzy. I'm seriously irritated that Grunge's story is nearly a year out, but hey I can be patient. I'm also super happy that Suzanne had rebooted her writing, I've been a little disappointed with some of her other efforts in the last couple of years, so for her to return to her unique style of suspense, humor and romance makes me smile.