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  • Heather D - This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use ...

    This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use it. This is the wider tooth comb and works much better with thicker hair.

  • desiem - Not Too Sure About This

    Been using for six months. Had stomach issues with it at first, which subsided when I reduced the dose to once a day instead of twice. Have to say that I've noticed only minor improvement as far as my ongoing shedding problem is concerned, and I can't really attribute what improvement there has been to this product alone, as I eat well and also take other skin/hair vitamins. Will finish the present box as the product is so expensive, but won't be ordering again.

  • Catherine - AWESOME!!!

    This is my third update for this software. The ability to save 'trips' is one that is huge for me, and the fact that I can go back and edit those trips is a fantastic feature for how I use it for my business. Easy to install, easy to use, pay attention to what the icons are on the task bar and you will have no problems navigating it. The first trip out, you will pay for the software in gas saved. Not to mention aggravation. Yes, I have a GPS, but this allows me to logically route my trip, then I put the addresses into my GPS and I'm good to go.

  • Alessandro sutera - Great product!

    Compared to other headphones in the industry, these really make a difference in terms of style, quality of sound and practicality. Simply great!