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  • T.rex - Great product, but over-priced

    I bought a half dozen of these for Christmas gifts to hand out around the office... They do yield exceptional quality, but i can't help but note the hefty price tag.... You can get nearly as good quality for a lesser cable priced at $599.

  • Barbara H. Whitfield co-author of Timeless Troubadours, The Moody Blues Music and Message - dr. Wright understands

    wright understands what our medical model doesn't. western medicine has been bought out by the pharmaceutical industry. Thinking "outside the box" Wright explains clearly how to get relief without using these toxic drugs. I was taking Prilosec several times a week with Tums in between. Now I am off all that and feel much healthier.

  • JenH - Good workout

    This game will give you a good workout. Its not very fun or anything but if you're dedicated, its worth getting because it has harder workouts than the wii fit. I also have Gold's Gym Cardio Workout and its not as good as this game. My main two problems with the game are 1. When you start it, jillian goes right into the excercise and doesn't give you a chance to get ready and 2. If you do a circuit, you don't know how many more exercises you have to go. Another small problem i have with this game is that you cant change your resolution. you can only delete it. I use this game on the days i want to get my good workout in and the wii fit for the other days.

  • tmreviews - Very nice coffee bean grinder

    Our last coffee grinder (another brand) died on us so I purchased this one because I liked the idea that there's a cup rather than trying to scrape out a small amount of coffee from the blades of other grinders.

  • SaltLakeBrave - Fantastic

    One of the all time greatest rock songs ever. Written and performed by one of the most underrated British rock bands