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  • Richard Day - in the background The sound is something like one has their head in a barrel

    I have 2 of these. At minimum volume setting, they still have static,(hiss), in the background The sound is something like one has their head in a barrel.

  • Anne M. Thomas - Registered Nurse. Work 12 hr shifts. T25 is doable!

    About me: I'm a 31 year old Registered Nurse. I work 12 hour days taking care of my patients on a medical-surgical floor. My job can be physically, mentally, and occasionally emotionally draining. I found myself exhausted and not wanting to do anything active. It didn't help that I was indulging in the over abundance of candy, donuts, cakes, cupcakes, pies, and goodies constantly around the nurses station.

  • Blondie675 - This is my favorite thing EVER

    This is my favorite thing EVER! I am always complaining to my husband that my beer gets warm so fast because I do take a while to drink it, but this keeps it ice cold the entire time no matter how slow I am drinking. My bottle fits great in this! It has a rubberized part on top to keep the bottle from moving around in it. Also it and it always keeps my hands from getting cold. I use this thing all the time with beer, water, pop, etc. This gets so much use and is one of the best things I have ever purchased! I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't like drinking warm drinks! I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Amazon Customer - Luvvie has no behavior but her commentary is stellar

    Luvvie Ajayi hasn't had any behavior for years. She's the bad girl who's so good at what she does in writing about pop culture and offering up admonishments of folks who should know better. This book leaves no one untouched and she casts a wide net and says things in hilariously funny ways about people we recognize in our daily lives. I have followed her blog for years and she's aptly named: Awesomely Luvvie. Even the tough conversations on race are in good hands with her writing. She pulls no punches but doesn't let you off the hook until you decide to Do Better. This is my favorite book of 2016.

  • Roxana Behnambakhsh - Nice natural product

    I am really enjoying using this belly butter. I love it's fresh and natural scent, and that it leaves my belly feeling soft and supple. It does take a few minutes to dry completely, but the after effects are lovely. Hopefully it'll prevent stretch marks!

  • S Naser - Love the Frankincense Essential Oil from New York Biology

    This is my first time trying Frankincense oil and I love it . I love all essential oils . Frankincense has this smokey lavender, floral smell to it. It feels good your using something that is made pure and natural with no added chemicals. I put a few drops with water into my vaporizer and pure bliss for the entire room . The smells helps you relax and puts you in a trance. This oil is not oily at all and evaporates quick but the smell still lingers for a while which I love. I only use this for therapeutic purposes but it can be uses for many other. I also took a shower and put two drops on my hands and rubbed it all over my skin for a little relaxation. Now this oil and my lavender are my new favorites. I want to mix a few drops with purified water to use as a cleaning agent. If you have a wound you can also add a drop to help it heal better. One of the best oils I have ever tried. . I received this product at a discount/free to test and try out, to give honest feedback on the quality. This review is my honest opinion