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  • Lynxrunner - Binding broken on arrival

    Agree with the other reviews that the pages are thinner or less glossy (comparing to the FA 2013). When it arrived in the mail, "new," they were also "rumpled" like they've been wet, and the binding was already falling apart in the middle. (Edit: pages now detaching completely from the broken middle seam before first pass has been completed). If your book arrives in poor condition I would suggest trying to get an exchange before you mark on any pages or get a copy store to put a ring binding on it... I would have taken that short delay over the last couple of months I get to spend studying a book that is falling apart. Content good as always.

  • R. Geneste - Kinky Curly Curling Custard isn't for people with type 4 hair

    I bought the product because I have really frizzy, kinky type 4 hair. I have a mixture of type 4 a and b. I tried it and it did create more curl but it was very dense and kinky curls. It didn't give the type of curls you see on the website. It does leave your hair pretty dry and causes more shrinkage. Also, it's a process in application if you do have very very very kinky hair like I do. You have to have soaking wet hair and if it's not it has no effect at all. If you like the texture and look of you hair right now and you want a extra curl to it- I would recommend it. However, if you thought it would transform your hair in any way- this isn't your product. It doesn't do miracles you can't have a type 4 hair go to a type 3. It want give you loose curls if you didn't have it already.

  • WiseTravels47 - Cozmo - your chance to own the first pass at the future of interactive 'bots

    So far I'm impressed - Cozmo is not just a "toy"...he is a plastic and metal "being" bursting with personality unlike any interactive device that I've ever experienced. The future is promising to say the least. While he's not perfect, Anki appears to be heavily engaged to make sure he continues to develop and lives up to the hype.

  • aisha - Lots of new growth

    Then item itself is good. I dont like taking pills and these are not hard to swollow didn't care for the smell so much. In the 60 days i used the product i had a lot of new growth but stopped using because of the minor headaches but that is because of the lack of water i typically cosume. Would recommend to others. Hair grew about 1 in in the 60 days.