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  • roger feliz - ... this box for chevy silverado crew cab 2016 is awesome fits perfect and sounds amazing Thanks alot

    My name is roger and i have to say this box for chevy silverado crew cab 2016 is awesome fits perfect and sounds amazing

  • I. Atkinson - Great vball - Nice feel to it

    I just got this ball last night and pumped it up right away since it wasn't frozen. Once I got the right pressure the ball to me feels great. I don't feel the slickness to it that may have to do with to much air or the fact there are no groves on it like normal vballs have. So far to me it has a nice padding to it - it does feel a little heavy so not sure what thats about. I will not be able to use it for another week so we will see if it loses air sitting. Overall a great purchase....

  • Suzie - This will now be my EDC!

    The ThruNite TN12 LED Flashlight is everything I was told and more. I bought this flashlight on Prime Day when it was discounted a bit and I'm very very happy that I did. I only regret not buying more than one. It is a very high quality flash light and offers so many different options! It has many levels of brightness and using it day to day I almost never need to use the brightest setting. This flashlight can light up an entire room! I'm very pleased with this flashlight and would recommend to anyone looking for an EDC flashlight!

  • Peter griffin - Great Device/App - For ALL levels of fitness

    I initially shunned all fitness bands as I saw them as great for those who wanted to get fit, but not for those maintaining a reasonable fitness level. I train to a reasonably high degree, mixing teaching Full Contact, backed up with 3-4 days each week in the gym (including kickbag sessions).

  • will - 2012 challenger r/t classic

    I had been waiting since day one for a tuner for my 2012 r/t classic, so my expectations were a little high. The unit does preform great. The first time I ran the tuner on my vehicle I discovered I had to leave the ignition in the on position the whole time during calibration and tuning (even when it says to turn the ignition off) that was the only hiccup. After that, the tuning was a breeze. The ability to turn off the MDS alone was worth the price to me. As far as performance increase, it is noticeable but not mind blowing. I was running 0-60 in 5.6 sec before the tuner and 5.1 sec after the tuner to give you an idea. The device itself feels cheap and fragile, but I can get over that. All in all its a good investment for my challenger.

  • David B - Good flosser to get rid of food in between teeth

    Here we have a cool water pick type that works very well. This is the SmarToiletries Professional Cordless 3-Mode Rechargeable Waterproof Oral Irrigator / Water Flosser High Capacity Water Tank 4 Jet Tips from SmarToiletries. They call this an irrigator/water flosser but really is very similar to other brands like the water pick that I currently use. It comes with 4 tips so you can each have one to use in the family or after sometime you will want to change the tip out. It is recommended to replace the tip every 3-6 months for maximum results so you have 4 to go through. The base itself is really cool and has plenty of room for water and nice to hold and carry. It comes with a wall charger that has an usb adapter too. The water flosser has many settings including normal soft and pulse. It has an on/off push button as well as a mode button which changes it from soft to pulse to normal etc. So what I am saying is it is simple to operate. They recommend you charge it fully for 24 hours when using for the first time. I used it before just to try it out but now am charging it fully as we speak. It was about half charged when I received it. I do not see how long it will last until completely dead and needing a recharge but with other water flossers I have used, I get many days out of it as you only need to use this flosser for 2-5 minutes at a time or so. But you could charge while using if you really wanted too. So far I am liking this professional 3 mode cordless water flosser.

  • Cdy1989 - Decent Crockpot

    I've used this crockpot around 3 times since I've ordered it. It's worked very well so far, and hasn't overcooked or undercooked any food. I like that it turns to "Keep Warm" automatically after the cooking time has finished. It's very easy to program. The only thing I don't like is that the pot doesn't fit snug into the stainless steel holder. It slides around a little, which isn't a huge deal - I'd just feel better knowing that the pot is secured in there for traveling purposes. The lid fits well and locks down nicely. I'm curious to see how long the rubber sealing/gasket around the lid stays intact, though, as it seems a little cheap. Other than that, this crockpot has worked very well for me and I feel comfortable leaving it unattended.