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  • The Weiner Nation - I achieved complete release!

    Best dump that I've ever had! I didn't know that I s*** that long. A simple, but miracle invention. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but once you get use to it you will feel like you lost 5 pounds after 1 sitting (or s***ing).

  • tara smith - I learned more from this book regarding how to break ...

    I learned more from this book regarding how to break down questions, than I did in the first three months of school. Buy it.

  • Miach - Not a true sublingual

    I was taking a 30 day supply of Nature's Bounty Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12 1000 mcg and had the best results with a sublingual supplement in my 5 yrs of dealing with a B-12 deficiency. I had the same results with Nature's Bounty as other reviewers claimed to have with this brand (noticeable improvement in concentration, short term memory esp with numbers, energy level with more restful sleep, and the complete elimination of chronic low grade depression), so I figured I try Jarrow since I had trouble finding Nature's Bounty at my local pharmacies. Big mistake. This was like taking a regular B-12 supplement with none of the above results from the other brand. First off, this isn't a true sublingual; it's way too big to stick under your tongue and is not a quick dissolve like most sublingual pills are, which is probably why it doesn't work so well. I'm going to try a different brand and will not repurchase this brand again. Hope that helps someone else from wasting money on this.

  • Shawn E Crapo - Bad ingredients

    There's something in this that makes me really dizzy, and I'm not sure what it is. I've been taking ginseng supplements for years and never had this problem.