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  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Surgical Specialties | Oregon - Grants Pass Surgery Center has invested in the latest technology and provides the most advanced surgical treatments available in Southern Oregon.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Colon Cancer Detection Program - By scheduling your colonoscopy with GPSC, you’re assured a timely appointment, a comfortable experience and exceptional medical care. 541-472-4880
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Digestive Health Program - The surgeons in the GPSC Digestive Health Program provide surgical treatment for a range of digestive diseases and disorders including acid reflux. 541-472-4880
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Ear, Nose and Throat Program - At our Grants Pass Surgery Center Ear, Nose and Throat program, our physicians are trained and experienced in the latest advances in ENT surgical treatments.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | General Surgery Program – Oregon - Our GPSC general surgeons provide surgery for the treatment of injury, deformity and disease when other therapies are not effective on their own.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Oral Surgery | Oregon - The oral surgeons in the GPSC Oral Surgery program correct problems of the teeth, gums, jawbone and facial features caused by disease, trauma and time.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Orthopedics Program | Oregon - Get faster, more effective and more affordable relief for injured or degenerated bones, joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments. At Grants Pass Surgery Center, our orthopedic surgical treatments are performed on an outpatient basis
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Pediatric Surgery | Oregon - GPSC created a pediatric surgery program to address the special needs of children and their parents in Grants Pass and Southern Oregon. Call 541-472-4880.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Foot & Ankle Program | Oregon - GPSC’s podiatrists offer the highest level of surgical treatment for foot and ankle injuries and disorders. Call 541-472-4880.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Sports Medicine Program | Oregon - GPSC treats your sports-related injuries with the same high level of care, compassion and surgical expertise so you recover your strength, full motion and mobility as quickly as possible.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Vascular Surgery | Oregon - Our GPSC vascular surgeon has over 3 decades of experience in preventing strokes and eliminating the pain and swelling caused by vein disorders.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Women's Health Surgery - Women come from all over Southern Oregon for our warm welcome, personalized care and advanced outpatient gynecologic and bladder surgery.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | Total Joint Replacement - GPSC provides leading edge total joint replacment performed by premier, board-certified orthopedic surgeons on an outpatient basis.
  • Grants Pass Surgery Center | About Us - Grants Pass Surgery Center offers personalized outpatient surgical care, on-time procedures and lower risk of infection at a more affordable cost. 541-472-4880
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