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  • Amy Jensen - No longer a skeptic

    As a former personal trainer, I like to try out all of the new exercise fads, diets, programs, etc. and do my own research as to why they work or don't work. I've seen many ads over the years for shock belts, pads, suction cups, etc. I paid them no mind because I thought they were a gimmick...until I tried it myself. I LOVE this belt. After just 2 weeks of use I could completely tell the difference. It wasn't an instant six pack or anything, but feeling my obliques and upper abdominals I could totally tell the difference.

  • Angela Stutes - WASTE of MONEY!!!

    You will only get to take this medication for 5 days. There are 30 pills in this bottle. You take 2 pills 3 times a day. Therefore you would need at least 6 bottles for just one month. I feel deceived.