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  • KthrynRenee - New and Improved - NOT!!

    There is something very wrong with the new version on Norton 360 2013. After I downloaded the program, I could not access my login vault - it said 'closed' and I tried over and over to click on it but it would not respond. When I tried to open the Norton window on my desktop, it would display for only a few seconds and then disappear. After several attempts, I sought out Norton support via Chat. They remotely accessed my computer (which I hate doing) and tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times only to realize there was nothing they could do... I say they because I attempted to fix these issues three times via different chat technicians and none of them could get it resolved. I was stuck not being able to access my online accounts because I couldn't open my vault for over a week. I finally uninstalled all of the current Norton 360 products and reinstalled an earlier version that I actually had the CD disc for. Once I installed the earlier version and restored my Identity Safe data, ran virus updates only and performed a system scan, Norton (the old version) is running like it should. I was able to register my Key code from my Amazon purchase for another 1 year subscription, so I'm back up and functioning again... No thanks to Norton though. This new version has some MAJOR problems and I would have rated it a ZERO if I could. Be warned and buyer beware!!

  • Josh - Whitens teeth

    These whiten your teeth, as advertised, and even don't slip. The issue I have with them is, why would crest think someone only wants to whiten 4-5 teeth on their bottom row? The bottom strip is TINY. This just seems stupid. It was big enough to cover 4 1/2 teeth if I lined it up just right. I've used other crest white strips that had better bottom row coverage. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, I highly recommend you do not buy this particular product.

  • Shai - The content is great as always with a bunch of new pictures

    I just got my mail today including the FA 2015 version. I didn't had the chance to review it all but comparing it in a glance to the FA 2013, I've got to put an end to all to the complains about the paper quality. The paper quality is the same as in the 2013 version, it's a little bit thinner (barely noticeable) but that makes sense as there are extra pages and that's a book you have to carry with you 24/7 so thinner paper means less weight. Honestly, people shouldn't pay attention to these stuff, just save your efforts.