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City: 51.4231 , Iran

  • debi - Amazing tools

    I made the mistake of trying this without steaming my face first, don't be like me, please steam your face with a warm washcloth before you use these. They work amazingly when you're doing it correctly. I have a massive blackhead problem with my nose. Always have. After steaming my face I went to work on my nose. My blackheads slid out very easily. After using it a couple days my face is almost completely cleared from those little jerks, and my pores are significantly smaller than before. I'm definitely feeling more confident too. There are many different styles of extraction tools in this kit, which makes it much easier to remove the blemishes from my face. I've been having issues with massive pimples in my cheek area, and using these tools makes it a breeze to get pop them without really damaging my skin. I love this little kit, it is definitely a great addition to my beauty bag.

  • Ayde - Wish these had come in better condition.

    This set of essential oils was rather disappointing. When I received my first batch it was very hard to open the lids because they were deformed. I was told that this was a normal occurrence seeing as how the items were shipped via air to get to their final destination. Well that is completely understandable the other thing that was very unappealing was the scent of these oils. Very chemically awkward smelling oils. That was a big indicator that that these might not be as pure as they suggest.

  • Kyle Null - I really enjoy these golf balls because everyone uses top flight or ...

    I really enjoy these golf balls because everyone uses top flight or titlist and so I'm know for having the mojo's.

  • Raj P - great lavender smell

    It kind of little expensive, but i dont use this on a daily basis. i love the lavender smell and the good lather. I have used it 4 times until now and am quite satisfied

  • LINY - Excellent Value

    I never write reviews, but I feel this one deserves it. I own a much more expensive generator with a little more power and from a major name brand and It doesn't even run after 2 years and 1 use. Right out of the box this will impress you and the quality is all there. I cannot believe that you get this much for so little the generator world this is cheap. Filled it with oil and gas and on the first pull it started...perfect. And this thing is QUIET. Get this and you will not be disappointed,