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  • Coopkeeper - Confirmation of daughter's name

    Who would have thought a woman like me, living in a binder, would have had the forethought to name my daughter Avery? But I did, and boy am I glad. Now she can live in a binder with her name on it, but not seem haughty or overly masculine. Of course, I run the risk of seeming proud--such an unfeminine trait!--so I will give my manly husband all the credit for Avery's name.

  • Anthony Wyre - It works, but I've come to like my manly hair.

    I used this when I was unsure of myself. I have a moderately hairy chest/stomch/balls. So I decided to use this to see how I'd look. Didn't like it and I broke put on my chest. Chemical smell is a little strong but I can ignore it.

  • Jarcy - Highly recommend it, transformed eating habits and health

    I love this program and love the apple berry shake which I have once a day for its nutrients for over a year and a quarter. I feel refreshed & energized. The Purium recommendations following the Transformation for eating organic non-gmo foods and grass fed beef and organic cage free chickens along with green clean food have also transformed my husband's and my life. I have done about six or more 10 day transformations and will continue doing them every couple months as I feel great while on it and it helps me remove those few pounds that I put on whenever we have lots of family & friend celebrations close together. I originally lost 26 lbs with 4 transformations and have maintained it. I did 10 days and then the Continuation the first time followed by a transformation every couple months with good eating between them. I have done this for over a year and a quarter and never ever have been sick. The only time I feel off is when I eat too many sweets---like over Christmas. I just had a power shake and am back on track with eating green clean foods as Purium recommended when I first started this program. This is green, highly nutritious food. It is important to eat on the timed schedule and eat flex foods. Apples gives me the right sugar and crunch that I like. If needed I might have a small handful of almonds. My husband and I were so surprised as neither of us felt any discomfort or hunger on our first transformation and now we enjoy eating healthfully daily. My husband lost 50 lbs and now we both look fit. I highly recommend this program.

  • oldned92 - Gets better every year

    I have been using this software for many years since it was Kiplinger Taxcut and am very happy with it. I used to buy a box from the store with the CD in it, but the past few years I have just been downloading the software direct from Amazon at a better price. Now it has added the capability to download all relevant 1099 data (including 1099-B stock sales to complete form 8949 and Schedule D) from Schwab and E*Trade so it is easier for me - I have to actually key in very little info. With the E-file feature I have been getting my refund direct deposited in about 2 weeks. Tax preparation now is really fairly easy and quick, as I never have to worry about reading the IRS instructions or keeping up on the latest changes. I will continue to use this software and recommend it.

  • Nick F. - Terribly Buggy Software

    I downloaded this software the other day. It is absolutely atrocious. I consider myself fairly smart and can use most software. This program is full of bugs and hasn't worked properly since I set it up. I'm getting fatal errors now and the program won't even start. I've used quickbooks site and have reinstalled this program probably around 8 times now. When I went to reinstall today (because that's what intuit's support website recommended) the program won't even reinstall. This program is an absolute dud. Do not purchase and do not buy it. Use an excel spreadsheet or save your money for an accountant. This program is absolutely not worth it. I want my money back and will never use this program again.