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City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • Teresa - Just ok

    This book was a little disappointing. I would call this book one of those that you read when you're sitting in a doctors office. It's not a book you mind putting down.

  • Robert Shelby - Motor failed almost immediately after we receied it.

    Be aware this is delivered in a single box weighing about 300 pounds. The assembly was on the challenging side. Instructions were mostly clear but a couple of areas were not clear and I had to redo to get it right. The control panel is fine with the video display quality quite good. The manual controls though are almost impossible to see with numbers from 1 to 10 in elevation and speed that are not lit at all and with overhead lights are completely blurred out. The stereo sound that was bragged to be excellent was just fair. If you plan to use IFit the control module is a separate purchase running about another $100.00 and requires a monthly fee to IFit which turned us off. Once assembled the unit ran great. It was smooth and quiet. That only lasted about a week when a grinding noise started to appear. It got worse every day. I called Proform about the issue and they knew right off the bat that the motor was bad. It happens quite frequently on this Model I found out. They said we could still use the unit even though it sounded so loud, but we opted to stop using it until it was fixed. Proform service was very good about fixing the issue. They ordered the motor right away and a service tech called with his number for installation once the new motor was delivered to our home. The installation was quick and we had a very pleasant and competent technician doing the work. In all the treadmill was down just over 2 weeks. There were no charges to us since it was under the original warranty. Even thought we like the treadmill now, we would not purchase this model again. The frequent motor failure and poor console design for manual controls were a turn off for us.

  • Ginger - Cheap with useless features.

    This unit is small and difficult to navigate. The manual is written in very poor broken English so it is not easy to understand. The motion detector and mic only works while the car is on. That makes unit useless because those features are most needed when the car is parked. I would not buy it again and I do not recommend it.

  • cari - I'm pretty happy.

    This product really surprised me , I wasn't expecting much for the price. It does everything it said it would, and sounds pretty good. I like the fact that you can choose from any station on the radio, it helps when you do a lot of traveling. If you're looking for a Bluetooth Telephone for your vehicle this is perfect, the music is just ok Kama just good enough to listen to. I would buy it again.

  • John Dye - Doesn't communicate with software is useless

    Missing screws so laser wanders all over. Can only print test image. Must have wrong software because it refuses to communicate with the laser printer. So printer is fairly useless to me