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  • Ryan - This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is ...

    I've been using this on my natural hair(3c/4a) for a while since I've transitioned. This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is breaking too much. I use once a month, and do love what it does to my hair. The only problem is that application is messy, but it's worth it. My wash day is Fridays, so when I do a protein treatment I usually So a pre-poo of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and lavender or rosemary oil for 30 minutes. After I wash I apply the protein treatment , and I take a hair dryer to my hair to help speed up the drying process a bit. Once I feel that my hair has dried up to the point it's not dripping, I just let my hair air dry over night. The next day I wash it out and deep condition like normal. I love this product, it really strengthens my hair

  • Lorenzo8D - Daily scalp care is important.

    I started using this product three years ago. It did help thicken my hair. I experienced scalp itchiness, and gradually noticed flaking like dandruff. At first, I thought the flakiness was just the minoxidil. The flakiness continued to get worse. After 18 months I had to quit the minoxidil, as the dandruff condition was serious, and it continued after I had quit the minoxidil. I tried many medications to cure the problem. After about six months I got the flakiness under control. I then tried to start applying minoxidil again, but my scalp was allergic to it and it led to flakiness after only two days of application. Finally, I diluted the 5% solution with water and alcohol to get it down to a 1% solution, and my scalp tolerated that. After a few more months went by, I was able to return to the 5% solution. During that interim period I lost a lot of hair. I have been back on full strength for two months, and my hair is starting to thicken again.

  • BDiaz - This is the only leave on treatment I use for my hair

    This is the best leave-in treatment for my hair. It leaves my hair with an additional shine I wouldn't get from my typical shampoo or conditioner. It even smells great too. My hair is really looking so I have to use a quarter sized amount instead of the dime sized in my hand. For best results, make sure you apply it to your hair while it is still damp from your shower. It even smells great too!