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  • Strong Partnerships Mean Stronger Care — Green Bay Oncology - Green Bay Oncology is proud to announce our enhanced partnership with the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Regional Cancer Center. The new alignment creates an even larger team of cancer experts to touch more lives, provide seamless treatment and work together to transform cancer care.

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  • Edith George Jasser - If you never owned one, try this lower priced one first - I love it

    If you never had a yonanas, try this one first there are more expensive ones, I bought this one to try it and see that it actually works.

  • D. ByrdStadler - Almost Great

    I bought this treadmill right at the new year. I agree with others that, 1) Inside delivery is important unless you have 2 other people to help you; 2)the fans are weak but ok; 3)the sound system is good enough but you can't control the mp3 player through the machine which is a little inconvenient while running; 4)I find the unit very stable (I am 6ft, 190lbs and run for an hour at 7.3).

  • k. sandmann - where's the beef?

    Only one picture per chapter! The pictures have been left out or edited out. Magazines should have plenty of photos especially national geographic. I feel like a child asking for pictures but come on its not a novel.

  • Wolf0216 - Great Vehicle!

    This vehicle is well made, comfortable and has all the features I need. It also is rugged enough to handle anything I can throw at it. After many years in the Army, this is a like a luxury Humvee.

  • ckstewar - planned obsolescence?

    I owned Quickbooks 2007 for Mac and have used it for years. I am a registered user with Intuit. For the past few months, I got a message that I needed to register the product and that it would be good for only 30 days. This made no sense since I was a registered user and the "register online" option did not work. Finally, one day while I was working, I quit the application and tried to relaunch it. The message came up and would not launch. I called Intuit to help with the registration. I got a tech support in India who had passible English. He confirmed that the product was registered. He asked what system I was using. I was up to date with 10.6.4. He said that was the problem since Quickbooks 2007 was not being supported in 10.6, but only with 10.4 and 10.5. and would not work. I told him that it does work in 10.6 and I have been successful with it for months since upgrading to 10.6. He clarified that it would work only 15 times in 10.6 before the registration would not work. I found this to be incredible. This means that Intuit has written script to make the software not work after 15 times with the newer operating system. In some ways this seems illegal to me. It is one thing to say software is not supported with newer systems, it is another to purposefully make it not work when, in fact, it does work. I use Quickbooks basically as an accounting program and not for creating tax returns. As such, I don't need the most recent version. The tech person further stated that I had to buy the 2011 version and that it, too, would not work after 2014. Again, I'm flabbergasted. Intuit is purposefully making their software not work after a specific period of time. I am livid. I bought the newer version since I had to complete records for a number of clients but felt I was being forced to buy something I did not need due to planned obsolescence.