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    Avoid LeapFrog products at all cost. You think you save money or time, but they have the worst customer service in the world. I am writing this review after spending nearly 2 hours with customer service, with them unable to explain why the $5 app I purchased was not syncing to my device. However, they refused to refund me $5 even though I never got the app and they wasted hours of my time. They say they have an absolute no refund policy NO MATTER WHAT. Tells you what kind of company you are dealing with. Also, FYI, my son loves to draw, by they have virtually no art apps. Like half a dozen, most of which involve tracing letters or shapes, and are totally redundant. And they all cost like $20. So whatever you think you save on the purchase of this cheap kids tablet, you will spend on apps since they start at $10 and go past $20. You may as well spend $100-$200 more for an iPad or Android tablet where you can get literally dozens or hundreds of art apps, learning apps, ,etc, many for free, and others for a buck or two, and much higher quality, This thing is both a time and money pit, and the company lacks decency or scruples and should be avoided like the plague.

  • John - Almost Perfect

    This is an almost perfect Crock-Pot. It has an easy to use timer, and attractive finish, and it does have handles that allow for transit without spills.

  • ScooterPK - 6 hours and spa leak stopped

    2 years ago I found an excellent 8 man hot tub on Craigslist for 'free' (insert sarcasm). After $1000 worth of repairs (new motors, plumbing and a cover) it was functional. The tub retails for around 7k so I figured my labor had paid off. A slight leak has been plaguing it ever since I got it running. I searched all kinds of remedies and found this product a few months ago. I figured it was worth a shot. My tub hold around 500 gallons. I first removed the filters which I was leery about and ran the tub. I added 12 oz of the fix a leak to the tub through the skimmer. I then went out every hour or so and kicked on the blowers and motors to keep the fix a leak suspended in the water. within 6 hours the wet areas on the cement pad had started to dry up and the wet spots in the yard where it ran off had also stopped holding a puddle. Today, the sun came out and was warm and the leak has stopped or has significantly been plugged. I will wait to see how it holds but early indications are that this stuff works. I have installed the filters back into the system and am filtering out the remaining fix a leak. I'll drain it, scrub down the tub and fill it up just in time for the fall and winter season. Highly recommended. I'll follow up in a few weeks to see if this holds.

  • Martha Twain - Nice planner, but the size is a bit inconvenient.

    This planner is well made and has many pretty shapes to color in. The only reason I didn't like it is that because of the large size (8.5 x 11), the natural tendency is to flip it open all the way, back to back. So the part you're writing on for your planner is on one side, and the coloring pages are on the other side. I prefer to doodle and color mindlessly while I am also writing on the planning part, instead of having to flip back and forth between coloring side and planning side.

  • Polanco - Interesting book, but too much detail about the operatives

    This is a very thorough history of the 2012 election, written by a reporter who had access to many insiders. I enjoyed it, but the author paid too much attention to the insiders who ran various programs in the campaigns. I had trouble understanding the importance of knowing who was running Romney's (or Obama's) campaign in Iowa or wherever. It is well written, and I recommend it for a semi-political junkie who wants to know what went on during the campaigns.

  • Marianne - Listen to your mother and save your money!

    I have been curious about this product, you know these infomercials are so convincing, oh and look how much better one melon looks than the other because of the ingredients! I have given up on all of these products that just don't deliver and I'm now 59 years old. Nothing will lift your face except surgery. I started using Vitamin C powder mixed with a little Neutrogena water gel (with hyaluronic acid), smooth that over my face and neck every morning and I swear I have never looked better. I'm on my 3rd jar of the water gel. The Vit C powder is Philosophy brand and lasts a really long time; still on my first bottle. I have always been oily but this combo keeps it at bay. There is a water cream too, but it's the GEL you want if you're prone to being oily, the cream if your skin is drier. Anyway, just had to throw in my two cents.