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  • lori - Good product

    I have only been taking it a couple weeks, the bottle doesn't last very long. I do notice a difference since taking it, but I think it really needs to build in the system before I will see the real results.

  • Doris Lewis - the sound quality is reasonable

    I've been trying to find an effective Bluetooth headset for a while now this being my 3rd attempt. To date these are by far the most effective, there are many different styles on the market but through trial and error the type that clip over my ears are best. I use these exclusively for gym work and have been using them for about 4 wks. They stay secure at all times because of the over ear clip and I can work out with confidence they will not budge. You are supplied with different sizes of ear buds although the ones fitted were perfect for me. I've had problems with other headsets that ceased working after a while which I think was sweat related so far I haven't encountered this problem with these. I would say the sound quality is reasonable but bearing in mind the price excellent value for money.

  • Chelle - Used as directed, this device works!

    I am Asian with Fair-Medium skin and dark, coarse hair. I have used this device on different parts of my body, face and neck included, and can say that it really does work. I'm ashamed to admit that I was never dedicated to using this device as I should've been ($$$ down the drain with the cartridges!) because had I followed the instructions correctly, I should be hair-free by now! The most success I've had with this hair removal device is on my pits and my fingers (I had hair on my fingers near the knuckles that I wasn't happy about). The lighter the skin and darker the hair, the more effective the device. The product is also not recommended for use on the face but I found it effective for the chin, jaw, and neck area. Just be careful not to go on too high of a setting due to risk of burning yourself. So far I've never had any problems but highest I've gone was a level 3 out of 5.

  • Serbski - Save Your Money

    This book was phoned in by the author. It is simply a chronological listing of events, the great majority of which are already well known to anyone interested enough in the subject to think of buying the book. There is no "look from inside the tent" in either the Obama or Romney campaigns. Where are the interesting personal vignettes, the conflicts in the staff, the fast-changing dynamics of a major political campaign? Don't look for any of that here.

  • Margery L. Goldstein - Fast-moving, fun read

    "Ink Mage" is a charming, not-so-heavy (yet far from lightweight) sword-and-sorcery story. In general, it is well-paced, though it wraps up too quickly. I assume there will be a sequel, as a few threads were left hanging.